Sunday 2 August 2009

Teeth Whitening

Over the years I have tried a number of different teeth whitening kits and toothpastes none of which has made a dramatic difference. My teeth aren't that badly stained but I'd like them looking more dazzle bling white and I do tend to drink alot of tea and coffee that can stain the teeth! A couple of years ago at the Clothes Show in Birmingham I purchased this teeth whitening kit for around £50 (sorry im not sure of the name):

The kit consisted of 2 mouth guards/shields (the type that rugby players wear) whereby you placed in a cup of hot water to soften for 2 mins then in your mouth and they mold around your teeth to fit perfectly. Then you squeezed the teeth whitening bleach gel from the syringe in the guard and place in your mouth for a few hours at a time or over night!

I absolutely hated it – i found the guards uncomfortable to wear and I was lucky if I could keep them in my mouth for 15 mins at a time! It made me dribble and I could also taste the bleach very strongly- I found the experience disgusting and gross tasting. After a few attempts of trying to use this kit I gave up. What a waste of money!

I have recently heard people raving about the Crest White Strips so after doing a little bit of research i discovered the Advanced Seal were the best option for me as they stay adhered to the teeth and don’t move about so you cant taste the bleach. It even says you can drink a glass of water whilst your wearing them! I bought mine (pack of 14) where you wear one a day for 14 days from ebay as they were much cheaper and i haven’t found anywhere in the UK that sells them. I paid around £24 including postage. I have only just began wearing them yesterday but so far so good i shall do a full review of them in 2 weeks and let you know how i get on. I have heard reports that some people have experience tooth sensitivity after using these strips, so im hoping that this wont happen to me.

I love using Sensodyne total care fluoride toothpaste and i have just bought some sensodyne gentle whitening toothpaste to use after i have used the crest strips. I did consider having my teeth professionally whitened but at a cost of between £200-£300 is it worth it when there are so many cheaper alternatives?

Have any of you tried the Crest White strips?

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