Tuesday 4 August 2009

Ten Top Tanning Tips

1. Always Wear Gloves/Mitts to prevent your palms turning orange!

2. Use a gradual moisturising tanner if your paled skin to look more natural

3. Before you apply self-tanner make sure you’re waxed, shaved and exfoliated, pre-tanning makes the colour last longer.

4. If you use your hands to apply make sure you frequently wash them throughout the application process.

5. Apply two thin layers of self-tanner all over to prevent turning orange or looking unnaturally dark. It is much better to build up the tan gradually than all at once.

6. Exfoliate and Moisturise before applying self-tanner is key. Make sure you concentrate on areas such as the knees and elbows. Blend product in well especially around the hair line.

7. Air Brush tanning means you can contour your body - maximize your cleavage and slim down your legs, arms and stomach to appear thinner looking.

8. Bronze Goddess looks amazing on all skins tones – but not everyone should grab the terracotta. Fair skinned beauties look best in soft taupe and caramel while medium skinned girls should use yellow gold shades. Darker skin tones look best in copper tones.

9. When applying fake tan to the face, don’t slap it on in one layer – instead, start on the apples of the cheeks and hit when the sun would naturally catch your face (same goes when your applying highlights or bronzer powder). Blend in from the cheeks up towards the outer corner of your eyes and blend into your forehead, nose and chin.

10. Give a gorgeous glow to your skin by adding a touch of shimmer to your shoulders and collarbone. You can even add a touch on the tops of your cheek bones for added glamour!


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  2. these are fantastic! Thank you!!


  3. thank you for these top tips girl :)


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