Wednesday 5 September 2012

StraightWear™ - A New Discovery In Hair Straightening from Macadamia Hair Oil

Thought I would share some information for a new at home straightening kit from the makers of Macadmia Oil that promises 100% safe and chemical-free formulation that transforms curls and frizz into smooth, silky hair in a single product application for a perfectly smooth, beautiful finish that lasts for 4-months and delivers the following key benefits to hair:

• Up to 4 months of unparalleled straightening
• Hair reverts to natural texture with no re-growth issues
• Intensifies colour with brilliant shine
• Reduces styling time to minutes
• Infuses touchable softness
• Safeguards hair against heat damage, breakage and split ends
• Use after chemical services with confidence

StraightWear™ is a new simple two-stage system for effective long-lasting results: Purify shampoo clarifies and preps the hair by removing build-up with its infusion of botanicals and citrus extracts, paving the way for Smoother; a single product that smoothes and straightens hair in one simple application. Enriched with Macadamia Oil and Quinoa Seed Oil, amplifies the hair's moisture as it simultaneously strengthens and intensifies colour and shine. And unlike any other smoothing system on the market, StraightWear™ delivers up to 4 months of hair straightening with no formaldehyde, no thioglycolic acid, no lye or other harsh chemicals used in the process.

The new range starts at £10.50 and will be available on Beauty Bay,, and Fragrance direct. Have you tried the original Macadamia Oil treatment? What do you think to the new StraightWear?


  1. wow!is there something like that!
    that's nice!!

  2. I have tried mask, shamoo, oil, and hair color, I have write about it on my blog. But still I haven't tried this products, but I would love to!

  3. this looks interesting! would love to know if the results are as good as they sound!

  4. Sounds great. I don't think their original products can be beaten. I love the oil and mask. They are so conditioning x

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