Wednesday 26 November 2014

Coloristiq Nail Polish Rental Service

Coloristiq is a new service allowing you to rent Nail Polishes instead of buying them. I have to admit my first thoughts were why would I do this? However thinking about it, it's very rare that I end up finishing a full bottle of nail polish as I am always discovering new shades or brands! It would be interesting for me to count how many polishes I own that are unloved or dried up! 

Coloristiq is a monthly subscription service for those that like to experiment with new colours and try professional quality brands such as OPI, Essie and China Glaze every month without the need to buy and store endless bottles. 

The polishes are delivered in a small cardboard box and are very well wrapped up in sturdy plastic wrapping. The colours I received were all from China Glaze 'Tip Your Hat', 'De-light' and 'Pine-ing for Glitter' which are all quite festive shades. I do hope that they extend their colour range, as it is limited at the moment and it's no surprise that I already own most of the colours listed on their website!

Subscribers simply select shades they wish to try and add to a wish list. Three bottles from the wish list is delivered to your door to enjoy at home for a period of 30 days costing £9.99 including postage and packaging. There is a fair use policy which allows you to use each bottle for three applications. You simply return the polishes for free after your 30 days to receive your next three colours! 

What do you think to this service? Would you rather rent nail polishes than buy?

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