Monday 23 April 2012

Review: LP Skin Therapy

I got a lovely little package a few weeks ago with a few bits from LP Skin Therapy to try. LP Skin Therapy is a skincare range developed by Dr Linda Papadopoulous (I'm sure you will know her if you watch Big Brother!) who has worked as a clinician and researcher in the field of Psychodermatology for over 15 years. Her philosophy is that happier skin is healthier skin. Designed to treat skin holistically, LP Skin Therapy works on tackling not just the external factors of prematurely ageing skin (sun, pollution) but also the internal factors, namely stress. Stress can affect the health, condition and aging process of our skin. 

LP Skin Therapy uses unique ingredients known as nootropics which have a positive effect on the mind and a calming effect on the skin whilst actives, peptides and other hard working ingredients help in the fight against ageing. Fragrances from Dr. Linda's homeland of Cyprus such as orange blossom, pomegrante and lemon oil are included to uplift, energise and relax. Dr. Linda encourages us to focus on the smells, textures and way your skin feels when using the range. By doing this, you will be sensitising not only your skin, but your mind too and making the most of the vitamins and nutrients packed into the products you use. LP Skin Therapy is a scientifically advanced skincare collection designed to help skin look rested, youthful, healthy and vibrant no matter what life throws at you. 

I was sent the Visible Results Kit for Lips & Eyes which contains: 5ml untired eye cream, 5ml re-affirm eye serum, 8m refining lip exfoliator and 8ml lip rescue gel. I have been using these products for the past couple of weeks so thought I would share my thoughts since it's a new brand I have discovered that you may not be familiar with. First of all I really like the concept behind the range - I know that if I am stressed or run down then my skin really shows the signs - dullness, blemishes, dehydrated skin etc. 

Un-tired Eye Cream & Re-affirm Eye Serum
This is a two-step eye cream the first being the un-tired eye cream which is applied lightly using your ring finger and gently tapping a small amount around the contours of the lower eye area. Then secondly, using your ring finger again gently tap a small amount of the re-affirm eye serum around the upper eyelid and brow bone. I could feel the serum working almost instantly lifting and tightening the skin - amazing! 

Refining Lip Exfoliator
Firstly the packaging is sleek and expensive looking clear plastic (that looks like glass) and purple and every little detail has been thought out - the inside lid has a leaf handle! The balm contains cocoa butter, Vitamin E, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil and a calming complex of passionflower, St Johns Wort, Verbena and Wild Yam. My lips have been dry and flaky recently due to changes in weather/temperature. I applied the rich balm to the lips in circular motions to gently buff away dead skin cells and exfoliate which left my lips smoother. The balm has a gorgeous rich oily texture, smells of fresh citrus and doesn't feel to harsh on the skin or lips and I really noticed the difference with an improvement of the condition of my lips after 3 uses. I haven't thought to use a lip scrub previously but this is a step that I shall be definitely keeping up in future to keep my lips soft! 

Lip Rescue Gel
The Lip Rescue Gel promises to plump and shape the lips and contains Vitamin E and a calming complex of passionflower, St Johns Wort and Wild Yam. The Gel is very cooling and stings a little when first applied but this wears off after about 10 minutes. I wasn't so keen on the Lip Rescue Gel - I found it too sticky and I didn't find it particulary moisturising I would much prefer to use a lip balm. 

The LP Skin Therapy Visible Results kit costs £28 and is available from Look Fantastic and Have you tried any items from the LP Skin Therapy line? What were your thoughts?

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