Monday 2 April 2012

Review: Decleor Exclusive Signature Treatment – Paradise Escape

Last week I visited the lovely Macdonald Spa Hotel in Manchester to try their new exclusive signature treatment – Paradise Escape.  Paradise Escape is two hours of pure indulgence with a relaxing face and body treatment that transports you to paradise – just what I needed! I arrived a little early for my treatment, so had time to change into my fluffy robe and slippers and was shown around the spa. I spent an hour relaxing in the spa and using the various facilities and then sat on a cosy bed in the relaxation room snuggled in blankets drinking green tea and reading magazines before I was collected by my therapist Gina and shown to my treatment room.

First of all I was given some paper knickers to change into and had to remove my robe and bikini ready for the treatment and was given time to get myself comfy on the bed in between warmed towels (the therapist leaves the room to give you privacy to do this step). The spa journey begins with the therapist ensuring you are relaxed by pressing on pressure points on the back, shoulders and feet and making sure you’re comfortable. She then applies a Madagascan ‘Boabab’ fruit seed full body exfoliation which is a powerful fruit that has six times more vitamin C than one orange! Its intense properties smooth and rejuvenate tired skin yet it is extremely gentle on the skin. I was then left to rinse off the scrub and oils in the shower cubicle located in the corner of the treatment room. I couldn't help but notice how soft my skin was after the scrub. I was left a towel to dry myself off with then I had to remove the paper knickers and lie back on the bed underneath new towels and blankets completely naked! I’m totally fine about being naked whilst having a massage as I find it more relaxing and felt completely comfortable, but for those of you that are a little prudish, you don’t have to worry as the therapist always has towels cleverly draped over you to protect your modesty.

The treatment continues with a expert massage using warmed body balm drizzled over the legs and back and with the aid of Decleor’s unique natural massage tool – The Acacia Massager. Gina focused on the tension in my back and neck and with the help of the massage tool it effectively relieved all my muscular aches and knots. I felt a little chilly at this point with just coming out of the shower, so she turned on the heated bed and I floated off and along with the heat – the music, comforting atmosphere and fruity scents I felt like I was lying on a beach and could have easily drifted off to sleep!

Gina then checked my skin and asked what my skin concerns were and tailored my facial to suit my skin type and I was then given a full facial treatment with a cleanse, tone, scrub and a gentle facial massage follows using an exceptional elixir of Orange Blossom, the national flower of the sunshine state Florida. With numerous benefits, the Orange Blossom helps to restore the skins youthful glow by aiding skin cell regeneration, works to normalise enlarged pores and is an effective sebum balancing remedy for dry and oily skin conditions. A moisturising face mask and eye mask was applied to my face, with a thin layer of gauze placed over the top, then the warming ‘Aromaplastie’ face mask was applied – which is like no-other! It’s a thick ‘weetabix’ consistency containing a blend of wheat germ, linseed, herbs & plant extracts that is so pure apparently you can eat it! The unique mask moisturises and decongests the skin whilst stimulating and enhancing the action of the products applied underneath. The mask completely covers the face, eyes and lips and another thin layer of gauze is place on top so you feel like you are cocooned and this makes you feel relaxed and sleepy. The mask was left on for around 20 minutes and during this time Gina continued massaging my arms, hands, feet, chest whilst the mask worked its magic – bliss!

Once the mask was removed, my skin was reawakened with Decleor moisturiser and I was left to get dressed in my own time and drink a glass of water – no need to rush. Gina kindly offered me some skincare advice and gave me a goody bag with a couple of products that she mentioned that would be great for my skin concerns both to be used for a night time treat: Decleor Hydra Floral Eye & Lip Moisturising Mask and Decleor Aroma Night Balm. I have been using both products ever since and they have become a staple and favourite in my night time skincare ritual. Gina also suggested to drink plenty of water for the rest of the day and to avoid any alcohol (I drank 2.5 litres of water but did have one glass of red seeing as it was Friday!) I certainly slept well that night after my little trip to paradise! I would highly recommend this signature treatment if you are looking for a pampering treat of pure relaxation and some time out - you really feel as if you have taken a trip to an exotic beach!   
The Paradise Escape signature treatment is available at the hotel group’s 24 Spa Harmony & Serenity locations and costs £110 from Monday to Thursday and £115 from Friday to Sunday. To view the spa treatments on offer and check out the hotels you can visit Macdonald hotels.



  1. that sounds so relaxing! you must have felt so destressed!

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  2. wow, that sounds so nice! the place look so serene. it definitely looks very relaxing.

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  3. Wow I feel relaxed just reading that post, I would loveee to experience that!



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