Wednesday 10 February 2010

Review on TIGI Diamond Dreams

hello everyone! Sorry I haven’t updated my blog recently, but I have been extremely busy with work and also re-decorating my bedroom.

As you will know from my previous posts, I’m attempting to get my hair in better condition after over bleaching. I was kindly sent a few hair products to try out from a new range by TIGI called Diamond Dreams, which contains a luxury complex of diamonds, cashmere, champagne and pearls! Normally I use pricey salon-only shampoo and conditioners, such as keratase or loreal professional, as i find the cheaper brands don’t do a great deal for my dry/weak hair.

On Friday night I applied a small amount of Tigi S Factor ‘Wonderful Tonight’ overnight treatment ‘for damaged, dry & depleted hair in need of intense repair’ to the ends of my hair and very dry/damaged patches before I went to bed. The treatment promised to improve the condition of my damaged hair, and helps to make bleached hair 3X stronger. The product came in really nice packaging and a pump action bottle, but I wasn’t overly keen on the scent (was too sickly-sweet for my liking however it wasn’t unpleasant). The treatment quickly absorbed into my hair and didn’t leave it ‘crispy’ like some other hair treatments do and I left it on over-night to do its magic!

The next morning I rinsed the product out and washed my hair using the Tigi S Factor Diamond Dreams Shampoo & Conditioner (infused with Diamonds, Cashmere, Champagne & Pearls). The shampoo lathered well and has a nice fruity scent and the conditioner was very rich and creamy.

I left my hair to dry naturally, and once my hair had dried I instantly noticed a different – my hair appeared less frizzy, more volume and looked healthier in appearence. Although my hair is due for a trim as I have very bad split ends, I have noticed an improvement in the strength and condition, and noticed when I brush my hair less hair is falling out, and also when im using my straighteners less hair is snapping off. I’m really impressed with these products and would definitely re-purchase!

Have you tried any Tigi products? What did you think?

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