Thursday 17 April 2014

Concoction Personalise & Blend your own Shampoo!

Concoction is a new beauty brand that allows you to mix up and customise your own personal haircare blends - I reviewed Concoction before it was launched over two years ago! Concoction has been inspired by the Art & Science of cocktail making, and uses mixology technology to create 'ShampYou' individually customised to YOUR hair type and colour. You choose the fragrance and choose the shots to create your own personal blend. 

Each blend is individually personalised by specially trained mixologists; consisting of a 'base blend' and two concentrated 'SuperSerum shots' using a blend of natural extracts, vitamins and scientific actives. Knowing that hair can have multiple care and nutrition needs, Concoction has created a prescriptive system that delivers multiple benefits simultaneously. Each blend is paraben and silicone free plus it delivers intensive conditioning properties and an ionic system (detangling, anti-static and frizz reducing). There is an incredible 256 individual blend combinations that can be created. 

Concoction is leading the trend in DIY (Design it Yourself) beauty, giving customers a bespoke, fun, personal and highly interactive experience. As a new business start-up they have recently launched a crowd funding campaign to help the brand become more established. By supporting the campaign you can be involved in the next generation of new products and get to try your own ShampYou at a discount plus your bottles will be personalised too! 

ShampYou + 2 shots normally costs £14, but thanks to the campaign you can purchase your own personalised shampoo for just £10 including free delivery! If you fancy mixing up your own personalised ShampYou like mine and help 'mix up' the next concoction of products then you can visit
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