Sunday 14 November 2010

How to: Vajazzle at Home

I’ve had a few tweets today about Vajazzling since my last post and it seems it’s a bit like marmite – you either love it or hate it! The world is going mad for vajazzling right now and there are even 'Vajazzling Party Nights' being held aswell as alot of Salons offering the treatment. I was surprised to hear many of you would like to try this at home rather than going to a Salon! Had a few tweets saying they would use Nail Glue or SUPER GLUE to stick on the crystals to their Vajaja's! DUO glue is the safer option girls!) So here is a step-by-step guide to help.....

All you need is:

(25 -35) Swarovski rhinestone crystals / Pre-glued crystal design

Step 1. Brazilian wax or shave the area to be vajazzled!

Step 2. Wipe the area with alcohol or sanitizer and thoroughly dry.

Step 3. If you have a sheet of pre-glued crystals then carefully peel off the back (white) sheet and adhere the crystals to the skin, then remove the clear sticky sheet and firmly press on the crystals once again to insure they are firmly applied to the skin.

Step 4. If any crystals stick to the white bottom, they can later be applied with tweezers and glue.

Step 5. Line up the pattern as you desire.

Step 6. Press firmly and hold for a few seconds until the crystals are secure.

Step 7. Ta da! Depending on the type of glue used Vajazzles should lasts 2-5 days and you can buy a remover to remove the crystals and adhesive glue.

Do you Love or Hate Vajazzling ?


  1. LOL just soo super by this trend! lol i wonder how my boyfriend would feel about it

  2. This is so strange..seriously what the hell?!

  3. I think my boyfriend would dump me on the spot! I can't understand why people are going for this at all.


  4. I'm in the hate group XD I mean for me it just seems so tacky!

  5. lol... you should see my hubby's face when I showed him the picture above... well I could tell that he's on the hate group as well hehe xx

  6. I love this its spontaneous and fun and my hubby is going to be in for a big suprise for christmas :p I am not thinking of vajazzeling all the area though i'm thinking off to the side and a cute little design. I don't get all the hate though lol.

  7. This is still hilarious to me... I think my boyfriend would be rolling on the floor in fits of laughter! But id say hed think its "different" :p


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