Friday 12 November 2010

Aussie Take The Heat

I was kindly sent my Aussie winter survival kit a couple of weeks ago which contained a couple of the new Aussie 'Take the Heat' products - the heat protective cream and the leave in spray - 'hot styling without the sssssssshizzle!' I have been testing these out since I received them. I haven't decided whether I prefer the cream or the spray yet - I think they both work equally well, but I have been reaching for the cream more. I'd say the cream is better for those of you with thicker hair and the spray would suit thinner hair. I would also recommend using the spray when on holiday to protect your locks from the heat of the sun! I apply a small amount of the cream on damp hair before using any heat - blow drying/Cloud 9 hair straighteners/curling tong. The products also contain Australian Jojoba seed oil to make hair shiny!

It's really important to protect hair from heat to stop hair looking frazzled, damaged and unhealthy. Recently, I've been attempting to grow my hair and get it back into better condition after bleaching too much, using too much heat and generally frazzling it to death! I have been using a combination of several things -using less heat, bleaching less often, using a 'tangle teezer' brush (brilliant by the way!), applying regular treatments and using heat protective products.

Like all of the Aussie products, I'm sure you'd agree that these smell just as GORGEOUS! There is also a Shampoo and Conditioner in the 'Take the Heat' range and also a 3 Minute Miracle. I haven't tried the Shampoo or Conditioner but I tried a sachet of the 'Take the Heat' 3 Minute Miracle Deep Treatment and this works the same as the normal 3 Minute Miracle (love this stuff - does exactly what it promises to!) but it has the added bonus of containing heat protective!

Have you tried any of the Aussie Take the Heat products? What did you think?

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