Friday 12 November 2010

WAH Inspired Leopard Print Nails

I was invited to the Models Own/WAH Bloggers Event last week but disappointingly had to miss out as it was a bit risky with being rush hour in London and would of probably missed my train home had I have gone. Anyway this morning I received one of the new WAH/Models Own Nail Art Pens through the post to have a play around with.

I had a WAH 'Manicure' at V Festival in the Summer - I use the term manicure lightly as it was basically an application of nail polish - no pushing the cuticles back, no filing or anything and all done in less than 10 minutes! I had the 'manicure' done for free as there was a promotion with Vitamin Water at the festival, but if I had paid the £25 it should have cost then I would of felt a bit cheated to be honest!

Models Own Nail Polish in a peachy coral colour was used, along with a red and lastly she used black nail art pen, to finish she used the Seche Vite Top coat to seal everything together. I had a colourful leopard print design done and had SO many compliments on my nails it was unreal. The nail design itself I was extremely impressed with, the nail polish lasted so well over 2 weeks and no chipping at all (lasted a festival, taking a tent down etc). My experience put me off WAH Nails due to the girl (didn't catch her name) was cold and not at all friendly......anyway moving on I didn't intend this post to be negative!

 If you saw my earlier post about the exciting WAH Models Own Collaboration you shall know they are bringing out a new range of their must sort-after Nail Art pens so you can create your own wacky designs at home! I was inspired today by one of the designs that I found on the Nail Art box and decided to re-create it and to show you how the pen works. The pen comes with 2 nibs – a thin nib for intricate art work along with a long thin brush to add strokes and lines.

It’s very simple to re-create. First of all I used Nails Inc Base Coat, and then applied 2 coats of Eyeko Coral Polish (which is a gorgeous pink toned red).

I then created a leopard print effect on the nail using the new WAH/Models Own Nail Art Pen in Black using the fine nib. It was extremely easy to use – I just simply randomly made shapes to look like leopard print! If you wanted you could use a second colour to highlight the leopard print further. I used the Nails Inc Waterloo & City Top coat to give a shine and to seal everything together.

What do you think of my re-creation? If you have any requests for design ideas put them in the comments below :)

The nail art pens will be available from 15th November priced at £6 each at


  1. very creative design :D i always wanted to try models own polishes!!

  2. i love it! that pen looks really good xoxo

  3. Nails look great, I will deffo be purchasing this pen!


  4. I have never been a fan of nail art on me, I have rather small nail plates and it never seems that there would be enough canvas if you know what I mean. However I won a BM nail effects varnish and was amazed at the results on my nails. I love the Eyeko colour, it provides a good contrastive base. Thanks for this. Jan x


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