Tuesday 16 November 2010

Aussie Product Raves

Being an Aussie Angel I love Aussie products and have tried out a lot of their products - however there are 3 products that stand out for me the most: 3 Minute Miracle treatment, Aussome Volume Mousse and the Leave-in Conditioning spray. I love all these 3 equally for different reasons so they all deserve a rave!

First up is the famous 3 Minute Miracle deep treatment (I'm sure you will all have heard of it or even tried it at some point). I have used this product for years - it’s one of those products that’s always in my bathroom! Even though I dabble with other treatments I always come back to this as I know I can rely on it to deeply condition my dry locks. It really amazing for a cheap drugstore brand and it really does exactly what it promises. I tend to leave it on for 3-5 minutes when in the bath after washing my hair, or for a more intense treatment I apply it on my dry hair and leave over night (top tip from the hairdresser Amber Rose). Like all the Aussie products, it smells amazing and I really like the bottle design all you have to do is squeeze the sides of the bottle to dispense the product - no mess and doesn’t leak. If you’re looking for a good conditioning treatment then I would recommend you to try Aussie 3 minute miracle.

Next up is the Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Leave- in Conditioner. I have tried many different Leave-in conditioners before, but I've found them to be either too heavy, sticky or can easily make your hair look limp and greasy (not what you want especially if you have just washed your hair!). This one is so light it’s almost as if you’re spraying your hair with water. I like to use this 2 ways, either spraying on my damp hair after washing and before drying or spraying on my dry locks on the ends which I find the most lacking in moisture. I personally prefer spraying on my dry hair (just the ends of my hair) after blow-drying as I find it detangles too as well as protecting and smoothing as it contains jojoba seed oil.

It doesn’t leave your hair feeling sticky or greasy at all - its extremely light-weight and does the job without over loading your hair. This is a brilliant product to use in the summer and on the beach to to protect and condition hair as well as making it smell amazing!

Last but not least is the Aussie Dual Personality Aussome Volume & Conditioning Mousse (Absolutely LOVE this stuff!) I apply one-two pumps to damp hair just before blow-drying and work into my roots, concentrating on the crown especially as this is where I like to create the most volume. I normally use a huge barrel brush from Revlon that I got in USA but it seems to have vanished !! I have had a look but I don’t believe they sell this particular brush in the UK, so if you have any recommendations for a new brush for me then leave them in the comments! Love this mousse it really does give super volume and doesn’t leave your hair sticky or with that crispy feeling and smells amazing too.

Zara (the fabulous Aussie hairdresser) also gave me a little tip - if you have already washed your hair and are in a rush but want to create more volume you can apply the mousse on dry hair and then blow dry and blast with the hairdryer using a large barrel brush - really works and it does indeed give aussome volume!

Aussie is available from Boots.com or Superdrug Are you a fan of Aussie? What are your top Aussie products?


  1. I have the first and second product, and I have to say I love them both. The Leave- in Conditioner smells of bubble gum! yummy!
    I must try the aussome volume mousse xx

  2. I use the Volume booster shampoo, I love the smell!

  3. I've dried most of the Aussie range, but my all time favourite is the Miracle Moist shampoo, I'll always repurchase it!

  4. I adore Aussie products, the Frizz Miracle shampoo and conditioner, I'm never without them! I also love the Take The Heat three minute miracle. Such good quality products x

  5. I Love Aussie Too, I Love The Fact That Their Products Don't Leave Your Hair Feeling Greasy :)

    I Recommend Using This Tresemme Brush I Bought From BOOTS. It's a Large Barrel Brush Like You Mentioned You Needed.

    I Think It's This One:


    Or There's Always This One:


    Thanks For The Review, I Was In Doubt Whether To Get The Mousse Or Not, But Now I'm Sure I'll Buy It :)

    kthnxbye. x


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