Saturday 20 November 2010

Kate Middleton's Blue Dress

I know you must be sick of hearing about Prince William & Kates Engagement - I know I am!

However, when the royal couple announced their engagement to the world this week, all eyes were on two things: The Ring and Kate's Blue Dress that complimented the sapphire to perfection. There has been alot of admiration for Kate's choice of a simple silk royal blue dress by London based brand Issa. The £349 Issa dress sold out within hours, but if that is a little out of your price-range, Tesco's are bringing out their own take on the dress for a purse-friendly £16*

Jan Marchant said: “Kate Middleton looked extremely elegant in her choice of outfit and many women will want to find a high street replica of this now iconic dress. It’s very versatile – a classic design and perfect for many special occasions. We expect it to sell out fast.”

The dress will be available instore and online from Monday 22nd November. *Prince and sapphire ring not included.
Are you a fan of the royal blue dress?


  1. Not a bad copy but I think the colour could be brighter.

  2. yeah the colour looks a bit duller but I'll definitely have a look at it x

  3. The color is very pretty, I really like it! :) I think she's too skinny though :/


  4. I hate that style dress. It reminds me so much of like middle aged women. I like her but her style is awful. Shame England doesnt get to have a princess like the spanish one who is amazing.



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