Tuesday 9 November 2010

Famous Dave Fake Tan Review

I have recently heard many people raving about ‘Famous Dave’ Fake Tan, when I heard the name I thought it must have been a joke! I have been recently been using the cheapo ‘St Motriz’ self tanning mousse which is great for the price (£2.99), gives a nice colour but it does tend to dry my skin out and fade very patchy :(

I tried Famous Dave’s Tanning Mousse – The Gold Edition which is described as a ‘luxury premium tanning mousse with Pomegranate Extract, added anti-oxidants and paraben-free’. It is a new and more refined version of their original tanning mousse formula (which I can’t compare it to as I haven’t tried!) The original formula became the best-selling product in 2009 and scored rave reviews and 5-star ratings from top beauty industry professionals.
The mousse features a selected blend of anti-ageing ingredients, natural anti-oxidants, moisturisers and EHA - a natural agent that tans a deeper layer of the skin for a more realistic and longer-lasting tan that fades evenly - works with all skin tones to deliver an instant, flawless, natural looking tan that now lasts even longer and cares even more for your skin.

I always use a tanning mitt when applying fake tan, firstly to avoid the ‘stained orange palms’ (not a good look!) and secondly just find it easier and quicker to apply to create an even and blended streak-free looking tan. The mousse felt very luxurious and silky and glided on effortlessly without any rubbing or streaking, it absorbs and dries instantly to the touch. I did not get that usual sticky feeling like I do with most other tanners. The first time you use the mousse make sure you shake the bottle up really well, as I found the first pump was quite watery and it very nearly dripped onto my brand new cream carpet! Let me tell you Dave would have been in trouble if that had happened!

I applied the mousse on the evening and left it over-night to develop; it smelt quite nice of almonds but did turn into the ‘biscuit smell’ after a while, not as over-powering as others I’ve experienced. I was impressed by the golden tan colour; it was streak-free and looked completely natural. Famous Dave is without doubt the best Fake Tan I’ve tried to date! What impressed me the most is how long the tan lasted – a good 7 days – and it faded naturally like a real tan, no patches or dry skin in sight! I give this 10/10 and will definitely be re-purchasing and I give this a huge thumb up!!

Famous Dave Tanning Mousse (The Gold edition) is priced at £23.95 for 200ml and the Tanning Mitt (A Must have!) is £3.99 and are both available from http://www.famousdave.co.uk/


  1. Sounds like a very good fake tan! It is a silly name for a tan though - I agree with you, it sounds like a joke! xx

  2. Ive just seen one of my friends mention this on Facebook and am very intrigued! Silly name though I do agree!



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