Thursday, 12 April 2012

Dress Drama Continues....

I didn't expect that my original review on the dress I was sent to review from Style Me Celeb would cause so much attention! You know what happened next & I thought that would be the last I'd be saying on the 'Dress Drama'. It's not that often that a give a negative review - I can probably count on one hand the amount of negative posts I have given in 3 years of blogging - usually if I find something a bit blah then I don't write about it unless it's really good (or really bad).'s now 1am on Thursday and I have loads to do - preview for an interview, travel to London - which in it's self is a 8 hour round trip, write some articles, blog posts (if I have time?!), pack for my trip to well as lots of other things on my long 'to do list'! And to top it off I'm not feeling that well so not in the best mood which is probably why I'm writing this as I feel the need to vent my frustration!  

Just to update you further as I mentioned that when I was rang by Murray he asked me to send back the dress (to be sent out to someone else who knows?!) so I agreed and he would be sending me the postage costs. So this evening Murray (after 11pm I should add) made some more sarky comments at me publicly on Twitter so I sent my Paypal details so he can send the postage costs. He asked when I would be sending back the dress, I am away for the next week London/Spain so I said it definitely won't be this week, but will be the week after. He replied saying he needed a definite date as he would be contacting the police as I had effectively stolen a £130 dress (was £119 actually) !!! 

To be completely honest I have no obligation to send the dress back as it was gifted to me to review, but since I have nothing to gain from keeping the dress and I am a decent sort of person I agreed to send it back. As you know I have a lot on this next week and returning the dress is not on top of my list of priorities! Maybe if Murray's attitude had been a little better in dealing with the matter and instead of calling my review a 'joke' and that 'I had written the review out of spite' then maybe I would have gone out of my way to return the dress next day. If I really was a spiteful person then I would of refused to return the dress and binned it surely? 

Let me get this straight, I was sent a dress to review and because I have given an honest but negative review they want the dress back and because I can't send it back next day delivery they accuse me of stealing it and want to contact the police! Brilliant! I am shocked with how unprofessional they have been, their PR approach is appalling and I'm baffled as to why they would want to publicly humiliate themselves even more and cast their own company in such bad light! They have also sadly shown how badly they treat bloggers in this not to mention potential customers. It's clear that the company have no idea about how influential bloggers are and insulting blogger's and their reviews is not going to score any brownie points! If they hadn't already proven what a ridiculous and unprofessional company they run...they certainly have now!   

Oh before Murray replies to this in the comments with the link to Chole from TOWIE wearing one of Style Me Celeb dresses in the Daily Mail I'll save him the trouble - Chole looked good in the dress I have to say but I wonder if she had to return her dress??
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