Wednesday 25 April 2012

Kindle Touch

I have been umming and arring about ordering a Kindle for some time. There's nothing nicer than the feel of a real old-fashioned book, especially hard back and turning pages, but on the other hand a Kindle is more convenient when travelling or commuting to work as they are so light weight. I also was thinking would I get much use from it as I already own an iPad and it might be just a fad gadget? 

The price of the Kindle's have come down in price since they were first launched, and I much prefer the new sleeker design. I was just browsing the internet and came across a good deal on the new Kindle Touch from Currys, which is a similar design to the iPad with it being touch-screen. The Kindle Touch with WiFi is priced at £109 with free delivery and you also get a £10 voucher, which could go towards Kindle Accessories! 

Currys also sell the Kindle Touch Wifi & 3G for £169 which also has the same offer of free delivery and £10 voucher. Have you been thinking of getting a Kindle? Are you a Kindle owner?



  1. I have a Kindle 4 and love it, I read so much faster than I do with a normal book, as it helps that it tells you exactly what percent you're on :)

    my friend just bought this, but she said having to turn the page yourself and without a button can get quite irksome. Maybe look at the Kobo's, they're a bit cheaper than Kindle's and could be a good middle ground if you're unsure :)

    jayde x

  2. I have a Kindle 3 WiFi and I love it sooo much! I was sceptical towards e-readers (they're still unusual here in Sweden) but now I can't imagine life without it. I love the feeling of knowing that I carry around several hundreds of books in my handbag.... I don't have to choose which book to bring since I bring them all... I still buy regular books sometimes though, especially if I have several by the same author at home already.

  3. I have the basic Kindle and absolutely love it! So light and easy to carry around and great for going on hols!

  4. I am a fan of the Kobo personally, they're cheaper, look nicer (in my humble opinion) and open to more formats, with the kindle you are stuck with their format or you have to convert any other formats to kindle, and you cant borrow library ebooks on them. That's not much of an issue for many people I imagine, but I'm a librarian by trade so i'd choose free ebooks over paying for them any day! I would do a bit of shopping around and searching about other available readers before you hand your money over to amazon, there are other options out there and having done research on ebooks and readers I know that amazon have only managed to get so far ahead in the market because of a lack of widespread knowledge about alternatives really (to compact my 20k dissertation into one sentence ha!) Either way, anyone who gets an ereader should have a look at this website which compares ebook prices for you.
    I'm being gifted a Kobo for my birthday next week and am very very excited about it :D xx

  5. My OH got me a Kindle for xmas, I was a bit meh about it as I LOVE my books (need a new bookshelf).
    But honestly, I love my Kindle, it's awesome!
    so small and light and I can read one handed (lazy).
    just wish it was backlit!

  6. I've been thinking about getting a Kindle for a while now, it just seems so much better than carrying a book about with you. I'd been waiting for the Kindle Fire to be released in the UK - but doesn't seem as if thats going to happen for a long time!

    I've just started my blog and I'd love if you would have a look and follow if you like.

    Thanks, Lisa xx

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