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Review: Eyelash Extensions by Boudoir Lashes

I have dabbed with eyelash extensions in the past - my first experience was at a press event a few years ago by a Chinese lady (can't remember the name or the brand sorry!) who didn't speak a word of English so she couldn't explain the process, but you know me i'll try anything once! I didn't find the experience relaxing at all, the eye pads were itchy and uncomfortable and it felt as if she was gluing my eyelids together as they became very itchy and hot! I had visions of not being able to open my eyes at the end of the treatment! I also was dying to sneeze but had to hold it in as I thought the eyelashes (that looked like pubes) are gonna fly everywhere and I might make her jump and she might poke my eye out! At the end of the treatment she blasted my eyelashes with a hairdryer to dry the glue which at the time I thought was normal.... I was quite pleased with the end results - and the fact I could actually open my eyes - although they did look quite fake without mascara, as I'd only had outer corner lashes applied, but I found it difficult to work how anyone could find the treatment relaxing or fall asleep!

My second attempt was at a Lash Bar launch last year which I felt more comfortable as the process was explained at every step and I felt like I was having a treatment done in a proper salon environment. However I still didn't find the treatment that relaxing that I could of fallen asleep but the lady was very chatty which put me at ease. The end result was much better than my first attempt, however it was still quite obvious the lashes were fake - which I didn't mind so much, but I'd only had half a set applied so still had to wear oil-free mascara to blend in my real lashes. 

Back in February had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Asma Docrat - who runs Boudoir Lashes which is located in the BECCA Flagship shop in Kensington. I'd call her The Queen of Lashes - she is very experienced, passionate, trust-worthy and really knows her stuff! She was telling me that on some of her clients she can create layers of lashes of different lengths exactly how the natural lashes grow - which is a skill and a half to master! 

When I first arrived at the salon, we had a chat about how I wanted my lashes to look and I immediately trusted Asma's opinion, and said to her to just go with what she thought looked best. I filled out a form with my details and to say I have no allergies or any contraindications that would prevent me having eyelash extensions carried out. I laid on the bed and had a nice cosy blanket put over me and Asma first of all taped down my bottom lashes (to prevent them sticking the the top ones) which is a bit of a strange experience at first but you soon get used to it. Then she placed some cooling eye treatment patches on top which really made the difference as they were so comfortable and I felt like I was having a proper pampering treatment, I believe she picked the eye patches up from Sally's.  

My natural lashes are quite long, so Asma added more volume, length and fullness to them and used about 6/8 different lengths, curl, and thicknesses of lashes onto my lash line - that's her secret and she offers a personalised service! After trail and error and years of practice she has this down to a fine art and applies each lash individually delicately using tweezers and uses different brands of good quality lashes and uses the finest glue. Asma works very quickly and applied around 200 individual lashes to each eye and the Two hours passed very quickly. The lashes are applied to your natural hair rather than the skin (which is what occurred when I have had extensions in the past) which makes the lashes behave like your natural lashes. It did not hurt and wasn't uncomfortable at all in fact it was a relaxing treatment and I even drifted off to sleep a few times!

Once the treatment had finished I had to open my eyes slowly and Asma gently removed the patches and tape - which was slightly uncomfortable - like taking a plaster off! I was over the moon with the final result - more dramatic volume and fullness but so natural looking - in fact I didn't wear any mascara for 6 weeks and had so many compliments! Asma provided me with aftercare which is really important if you want to ensure your lashes last a long time! Avoid wearing mascara and any oil-based products near your eyes - no rubbing your eyes (which is a bad habit of mine!). The lashes will last between 4-6 weeks depending on how well you look after them. I was really impressed as I found mine lasted a good 6 weeks and even at 8 weeks I still had quite a lot of lashes left on my right eye - I found I lost most of mine when I was sleeping and I sleep on my left side! It's only the last week or so I have my original lashes back and I miss the fluttery ones!  

The treatment costs £135 for a full set but there's currently a fab offer of 50% off your first full set applied mon-fri (t&c apply) and £35 for infills. I would definitely recommend these extensions if you have a wedding, holiday or looking to treat yourself - I can see them being addictive! After you have paid for the full set, to keep them up I think the price is very reasonable paying £35 every 4-6 weeks given how natural they look, how through and skilled Asma is and she uses the best quality lashes and glue. I think you really get what you pay for and there's absolutely no way I would ever get consider having 'cheaper' lashes applied after doing my research and reading some horror stories! You can find out more by visiting her website www.boudoirlashes.co.uk or tweeting her @BoudoirLashes

Annoyingly I have had some issues with my camera so can't upload my photographs but I will update the post when I am able to but I wanted to get this up! Have you ever had eyelash extensions? What did you think of the experience?
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