Friday 27 April 2012

LUSH Anti-Animal Testing Campaign

I am only just catching up on the news about LUSH's latest Ban Animal Testing Campaign and it really got me thinking about how I feel about animal testing. Their protest campaign was very extreme and hard-hitting with a lady being 'experimented' on and subjected to 'animal tests' in front of a window shop whilst horrified shoppers and pass-a-buyers looked on, but of course it was all played by actors.

As the photos show for ten hours the girl was force fed food, despite her chocking and gagging and trying to break free, given injections, and dragged along with a rope. If that wasn't horrendous and humiliating enough, she even had her hair shaved off in front of stunned onlookers!

I'm glad LUSH have touched on this debate and raised awareness and highlight what animals have to go through when many companies still test beauty products on them. I must admit I am not as vigilant about buying animal friendly products or products that haven't been tested on animals as I should be! I'm probably better with skincare and body care as I tend to use all organic or natural products and generally it's made quite clear on the packaging that it hasn't been tested on animals but make up tends to be quite tricky to find out if they haven't been tested on animals! I am not as vigilant probably as I am a meat eater (each to their own) and it's not something that I would immediately look for on packaging.

However, I had a look on and was quite shocked that brands (that I love) still test on animals which is quite disappointing :( Where do you stand on animal testing? Do you avoid brands that test on animals? What did you think to the LUSH campaign? 


  1. definitely don't agree with cosmetic testing but I think when it comes to medical it's sort of necessary - hard to swing one way with that subject! x

  2. Test on rapists and kiddy fiddlers, that way everyone is a winner!

  3. These photos are awesome! Loving the campaign x

  4. I think this campaign was shocking and effective, people need to realise what goes on behind some of the big brands!

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