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Review: Style Me Celeb TOWIE Gold Foil Bandage Dress

This post is long overdue but it's not often I give a negative review and I always feel a bit mean for doing but it's better to be honest right? So here we go...Ok where do I start? In Feburary I was offered to pick a dress to review from Style Me Celeb which is a online store that stocks a range of Celebrity Designer Inspired Dresses, without the designer price tag. I picked a TOWIE style One Shoulder Gold Foil Bandage Dress which has been seen on the likes of Amy Childs and Tulisa Contostavlos. I had high hopes for the dress and thought it seemed like a cheaper alternative priced at £119 to a similar One Shouldered Gold Bandage Dress from Forever Unique that I had spotted (£399) and of course inspired by the pricey Herve Leger bandage Dresses (£1000+).

My dress arrived by recorded delivery on Valentine's Day and came boxed which unfortunately was very flimsy and ripped :( When I opened the box and looked at the dress inside I couldn't help but feel disappointed at the quality in fact my first thoughts were 'it looks cheap'. The dress was made from a pink/flesh coloured stretchy bandage material with gold flecks that look as if they are peeling off - with the main colour being pink rather than gold. I was expecting the dress to look more metallic gold like the photograph on the website.  Fair enough this is a designer look-a-like dress so you can't expect the same high end quality, but still £119 for a dress is expensive and I would expect it to be good quality and to come nicely presented in a sturdy box. On closer inspection, there were no tags on the dress, there were a few loose threads, a rip on the front under the bust, and it smelt strongly of cigarette smoke :( I suspect someone had already worn the dress and returned it - then it had been passed onto me!

When I tried the dress on it was super tight and made me look bigger than I actually am (I'm a size 8-10) and I ordered the dress in a size Medium! I didn't feel like it was flattering at all and it was much shorter on me than it appeared in the picture on the website. I raised my concerns with Style Me Celeb and they apologised about the rip and said if I got it repaired then they would refund the cost - this didn't happen.

The thing that has really got on my nerves is from day one of accepting the dress I have been non-stop pestered asking when my review will be up. I asked if there was a deadline to when I had to have the review done by? No there wasn't and I explained that I was away up and down to London, interviewing, generally very busy and living out of a suitcase so it wasn't the most ideal time to review as I hadn't had the opportunity to wear the dress let alone photograph it - I don't have a tripod or anyone willing to photograph me! I also said there was no need in pestering me as I had a back log of reviews to get through and I will get it done in the next couple of weeks - blogging is a hobby for me not a job!

I completely understand that PR's have pressure and deadlines from their clients to get the reviews up but in this case there was no deadline. There are certainly ways and means of asking - I don't appreciate 'cough cough' tweets at midnight on a weekend when it's clear that I am away! I have put off reviewing to be honest as I didn't want to give such a negative review and I hope this doesn't come across as me being ungrateful I'm not, I appreciate the opportunity to review things. But it works both ways, I try to help out PR's and companies as much as I can but they have to realise that we do have other commitments outside of blogging! I found Style Me Celeb's blogger approach wrong - no interest in building up a relationship, no trust, and quite unprofessional. Maybe it's just me but the more I get pestered and presurised the less inclined I feel to actually review something as it kind of takes the fun out of blogging you know....

Sorry this is such a negative review but I feel it's important to be honest not only for my readers but I feel it's good feedback for Style Me Celeb on how where they are going wrong and how they can improve in the future. I do think the concept of being able to buy affordable designer celebrity inspired dresses is brilliant, but I think Style Me Celeb need to either lower their prices to reflect the quality or improve on quality to justify charging £119+ for a dress. 

Have you ever ordered from Style Me Celeb? 
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