Monday, 9 April 2012

Response to Style Me Celeb Dress

Right...thought I better respond to Murray's post on his blog and comments on my review of the Style Me Celeb dress I received....within 10 mins of me posting the review I had a 30 min phone call from Murray. I won't go into detail but the gist of it was that he dis-agreed with what I said, he wasn't interested in hearing my feedback on where the company could improve and said that hundreds of girls are happy with their dresses so didn't feel there was anything to improve on...fair enough. I am unsure as to why they were asking for reviews if they didn't want to hear honest feedback? I said that I was disappointed in the quality of the dress (if I had paid £120) and felt the dress was worth more around £70 and disappointed with the fact the box arrived was all ripped, dress smelt of smoke etc. We agreed to disagree and that I would send back the dress. I thought that was the end of the matter....until I received these comments on my blog post from Murray and he also posted on his own blog: 

I tweeted at the start of February would anyone like to Review a Style Me Celeb Dress @perfectpolished said she would like to review a dress, I said great, she chose the dress, we sent it to her. When she received the dress a few days later I asked her if she liked it, she said there was a slight problem with a seem, I apologized and said would you like to return it if you she didn't like it and I will pay for the postage, or if she wanted to have it fixed which would cost a few pounds I would pay for that if she gave me her paypal. 2 weeks later I hadn't heard anything from her, I asked what was happening, she said she hadn't got the dress fixed, she had been busy traveling, she would get it fixed soon and do the review, I said ok. 2 weeks later I contacted her again, she said she had the dress fixed and would do the review soon, I said Ok, If she had given me her paypal and said it was £8 I would have given her it, maybe I should of been more mindful and offered again. Now 8/9 weeks later after receiving the dress I talked to my business partners and we agreed that 9 weeks was to long, we might as well just ask for the dress back if she doesn't want to review it. So I emailed her last night asking could she return the dress and I would pay the postage. Today what happens... she puts up a bad review saying its bad quality, I was harrassing her etc.. If it was bad quality and she didn't like it, why wait 9 weeks to say that? why not just return the dress... that doesn't make any sense does it? why would you hold on to a dress you don't like for 9 weeks and supposedly get harassed about doing a review when you don't even like it.... ;s Its funny when I ask for it back THEN the a review happens veryyyy quickly, and shock horror its a bad one lol bit of a joke in my opinion.

Style Me Celeb Co-Owner. "

I mentioned about the rip in the dress and that at the time of receiving the dress I was bloated (due to stress, diet) so because the dress was so tight fitting it made me feel self conscious and uncomfortable. I did think about sending back the dress and exchanging it for a 'large' and hoping it would arrive in perfect condition but then I thought this probably would be baggy around the top as I am not usually a size large in clothes! I have since cut out eating white bread and my bloating has gone - and maybe with a bit of fake tan I would be happy to wear this dress on a night out! I was happy with the style of the dress, I was simply disappointed in thinking if this dress cost me £120 I wouldn't expect it to arrive in a ripped flimsy box, smelling of smoke and ripped!

BTW I was always under the impression that Style Me Celeb is one of Murray's clients - but he is in fact one of the co-owners I have just found out today - that baffles me even more, I was expecting that the company would be defensive but I thought they would be at least professional about it! I actually wrote this post last weekend 31st March - so 6 weeks after receiving it but put off posting it as I wanted to speak to Murray before posting live. Not only that but I have been up and down the country, interviewing, no internet access over the last 2 months - not that I need to justify myself!! I didn't post the review because I was sending the dress back! Anyway as far as I am concerned that is that, I am returning the dress so don't worry Murray no more 'jokey' reviews coming your way... from me anyway! ;) 
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