Thursday 5 April 2012

Sienna Miller using Bio Oil to avoid Stretch Marks!

Sienna Miller has just revealed that she is using high-street favourite Bio-Oil to keep her baby bump beautifully soft and stretch mark free. Other celebrity fans include: Helena ChristensenTess Daly, Denise Van Outen, Charlotte Church and Kym Marsh.

Bio-Oil’s unique formulation is designed to maximise the skin’s elasticity, helping to prevent the appearance of stretch marks. It combines some of the most important skincare ingredients including vitamin A and E with Calendula, Lavender, Rosemary and Chamomile oils, plus the unique ingredient, PurCellin Oil™. PurCellin Oil™ creates a dry non-greasy oil which ensures the ingredients are absorbed deep into the second layer of the skin, where they can provide targeted treatment. 

Bio-Oil is £8.95 available from or SuperdrugI have found Bio Oil is brilliant for healing scars and for an overnight moisturising treatment for the skin. Have you tried Bio Oil?


  1. I love Bio Oil. For years, my mum had been nagging me to use this to help fade my scars and I'm glad I listened. ;)

  2. Ever try Re-Gen oil? I picked it up a while back and only cost me something like £2.99,the packaging is very similar to Bio-Oil though and since I never tried this I woulnd't really know if it gives the same results :)


  3. I brought this AGES ago for the faint stretch marks on my bum... But I wasn't patient enough to keep applying it twice a day, and didn't see results quick enough so I gave up, haha! x

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