Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Peptalash: Longer, thicker, fuller lashes in just two weeks?!

From the Creators of Nanoblur and Snoxin comes a new eyelash serum Petalash that promises your lashes will be longer, thicker & fuller in just two weeks! 

There are many eyelash grown serums out there - however these are a temporary solution as they require consistent application and can be quite expensive (£100 a tube!) to keep up. Petalash promises to give long-term results - I like the sound of that! In clinical studies, the lash length was shown to increase by 43% and lash diameter increasing up to 40% - with almost three times the volume! What's more is Petalash also darkens the lash line, which also makes the lashes look fuller. The bottle looks very much like a liquid liner so make sure you don't keep this in your makeup bag!

I have been offered eyelash growth serums in the past but something makes me feel uncomfortable about applying such products around my eye area as I have heard some horror stories! Petalash have kindly sent some of the new serum to trial but I have just come down with a bad cold and my eyes have been so itchy the past couple of days so I'm going to wait until I'm feeling better before I start using it but I shall keep you updated with on how I get on!

Peptalash costs 24.99 and is available exclusively from Boots online. Will you be trying Peptalash? 
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