Thursday 26 April 2012

Review: Peony Anti Aging Skincare Products

This morning bright and early I received a packaging with a couple of new skincare products from Peony Rejuvenates Skincare - a skincare brand I was unaware of until the lovely Jules contacted me and introduced me to the range. I received the Anti Aging Foaming Facial Cleanser and the Anti Aging Gold Juniper Exfoliating Crystals. My first thoughts about hearing the word 'Peony' would be that it would smell flowery and old-lady ish but I'm pleasantly surprised - it's a fresh, gorgeous 'spa like' scent!  

For hundreds of years, White Peony has been celebrated as a flower of healing and beauty by people in it's native Taiwan, Okinawa (Japan) and Hawaii and is the secret to their youthful, smooth complexions. Dianna Cohen was inspired to create a range that uses the powerful white peony for it's strong anti-aging properties, and healing effects on wounds, scars and skin conditions. Her skincare range is 100% natural, uses organically and sustainable wild white peony and gentle enough to use on sensitive skin. 

Foaming Facial Cleanser
This gentle cleanser removes impurities and make-up without stripping the skin's natural oils and maintaining the skin's natural pH balance. It smells gorgeous and has that nice fresh and relaxing 'spa-like' scent. The cleanser comes in a hygienic pump action bottle, and one or two pumps is more than enough to clean your whole face. I applied a pump of the cleanser in my hand mixed with warm to create a foam and massaged onto my face and neck for 2-3 minutes before rinsing with cool water. 

The cleanser contains Peony extract, Horse Chestnut, Jojoba Oil, Green Tea and Hyaluronic Acid. It left my skin feeling soft, clean and refreshed without feeling tight like some foaming cleansers can leave your skin. The foaming facial cleanser has been formulated to work with the Gold Juniper Exfoliating Crystals to visibly reduce pore size, eliminate dead skin cells, stimulate the skin's cell renewal cycle and leave skin feeling beautifully soft and silky. I love this cleanser after using it morning and night, adore the scent and the bottle is a good size for travelling. 

Gold Juniper Exfoliating Crystals
First of all the packaging looks very expensive looking and the crystals (look more like grains/seeds) in it's clear heavy plastic jar. They remind me a little of The Body Shop Japanese Exfoliating Grains from 10 years+ ago that I used to use (not sure if they still sell those?). The crystals are a gentle dissolving exfoliator and detoxifier, to eliminate dead skin cells, unblock pores and help stimulate the skin's cell renewal cycle. With regular use, the crystals help to visibly reduce pore size, and minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.   

The crystals smell of lavender, are very relaxing to use - I personally would save this step for an evening and use twice a week for a treatment and the crystals are very finely milled and gentle to use on the skin. The idea is you mix a small amount of the crystals with the foaming facial wash and gently massage in for 2-3 minutes then rinse like normal. I enjoyed mixing these products together as saves so much time. The crystals contain peony extract, juniper powder, lavender essential oil, juniper berry essential oil and purified water. My skin felt super soft and smooth after use and even the dehydrated rough patches on the tops of my cheeks were gone! 

Foaming Facial Cleanser is priced at £20 for 150ml and Gold Juniper Exfoliating Crystals cost £25 (30mg) / £19 (15mg) and Peony Skincare is available exclusively at Fenwicks Brent Cross or Tunbridge Wells and online at Have you ever tried any Peony products? What were your thoughts?


  1. Thanks for the great review. Yeah, I would agree, it looks expensive maybe because of the packaging and they designed it based on the ingredients that is crystallized. As a consumer I am looking for a great and effective skin care products that would give more benefits to my skin. This product looks great. I am still looking forward for more skin care reviews.

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  3. I'd like to try this product. My friends who are plastic surgeons in Perth recommended me to use anti-aging creams than to undergo cosmetic surgery because I am not very much fitted to undergo the process. It is more important to stay safe than to risk your health for beauty improvements.

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