Saturday, 22 January 2011

Eyeko Ambassador Commission Scam?

I don’t normally get involved in all the Twitter dramas and try to steer clear of the Beauty Blogging Bitching but this matter I feel I need to speak out about as it’s clear that a lot of people know nothing about it! I feel strongly that its unfair, misleading and exploiting bloggers.

So how does the Eyeko Ambassador scam, I mean scheme, work? If you are to purchase something from Eyeko’s website (used to be when you spent £10, now it’s £15) you would enter a Eyeko Ambassador Code, and in turn you would receive a free gift with your purchase. The Eyeko Ambassador would then receive a 15% commission on the amount purchased, so everyone’s a happy bunny (or so they would be if the scheme actually worked out that way!)

I joined the scheme a few months back but it wasn’t until I attended the Eyeko Blogger Event that I was given cards to promote my Eyeko code and learnt more about it. I was happy to get involved and promote Eyeko products, as I do genuinely like them and I thought the scheme was a good way of earning a bit of extra cash myself and also readers would benefit by receiving a free gift with purchases so everyone’s a winner! We were all told that the commission would be paid on a monthly basis (if the amount was over £5), if not the amount would roll onto the next month, which is only fair right?

I’ll admit I’ve been confused by some of the mixed ‘vague’ messages that Eyeko sends out, I heard that a few Ambassadors had been told they MUST write about Eyeko products every 2 weeks or their account would be deleted? There are only so many Eyeko products out there and it’s going to become very boring writing and reading about the same product reviews in the beauty blogging world! I have also heard from several people that they have entered my Eyeko code but not received their free gift. I don’t intend to mislead anyone so this is why I have chosen to speak out about it!

Eyeko do not pay for PR, or advertising instead choosing to get beauty bloggers and Eyeko Ambassadors involved to ‘spread the love’ and rely heavily on Online Social Media to promote products. You may/may not be aware of how stupidly expensive advertising costs to companies and also the value of good PR! As far as I’m aware Eyeko don’t pay bloggers to talk about products, instead offer the incentive commission scheme.

It wasn’t until I started asking questions about when the commission would be paid that eventually after several frustrating emails I got a clear answer: Eyeko DOES NOT pay out commission if £5 hasn't been reached in a month and this amount is NOT rolled onto the next month. So what happens to this commission money? As yet I have had no answer from Eyeko but was informed by another Eyeko Ambassador that they are reviewing the way the scheme works at their next meeting......

Given there’s over 10,000 Eyeko Ambassador’s, if each of these were to earn say £4.99 every month in commission for a whole year that’s a hell of a lot of money not being paid out! Surely if Eyeko don’t pay this commission money out to ambassadors then they should at least do the moral thing and donate it to charity not keep it for themselves?

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How do you feel about Bloggers being exploited and treat unfairly?
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