Sunday 23 January 2011

Beat the January Blues with Liz Earle

It’s at this time of year when most of us feel we are in need of a little extra comfort and tender loving care; its cold and grey outside, the evenings are long and dark, and last months festivities have left both our bodies and bank balances running on empty. A great tip for the New Year is to mix two products together as this can give your skin extra benefits, make each product go further and save time! Invest in products that you can combine for added, double dosage benefits to optimise your beauty routine and budget.

I have raved many times about Liz Earle's Cleanse & Polish. A great tip from Liz Earle is to DIY blend Cleanse & Polish mixed with Brightening Treatment Mask as it will give your skin extra instant radiance. With soothing organic aloe vera, purifying white clay and stimulating camphor oil, the Brightening Treatment Mask provides a revitalising quick-fix to reveal a glowing, healthy complexion. This fantastic combination is the perfect cleansing solution for busy mornings when you need that added boost. Liz Earle always uses the Brightening Treatment Mask before TV appearances and events as it lifts and brightens her skin tone instantly. Whenever you are in a rush, mixing it with Cleanse & Polish delivers a quick, effective solution.

What are your New Year skincare rituals?


  1. I've wanted to place an order at Liz Earle for ages but I keep thinking that I need to use up everything else I've got first :(

    I'll remember this tip about using both products together though, the results sounds excellent.


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