Friday 12 November 2010

llamasqua Birthday Lashes Christmas 2010

Do you remember the Ilamasqua 'Birthday Lashes' that myself and many others lusted after but failed to get hold of last year? Well good news girls Illamasqua's Limited Edition Luxury Lashes are back for Christmas 2010!

Originally launched in November 2009, the infamous Birthday Lashes immediately became the centre of attention and sold out at a record time of 5 weeks. Ebay saw the lashes auction for over £180 in the midst of lash-mayhem!

Born from the imagination and vision of the cult night time make-up brand, these collectors’ items will instill desire and longing into the hearts of all who lay eyes on them. The fan-shaped Luxury Lashes feature vintage gold and antique silver diamant√© adornments; simply named Decadence and Opulence, they are the ultimate accessories for the party season.
I can't wait to get some (fingers crossed they don't sell out before I do)


  1. Oh those are cute, a bit too showy for me, maybe they have some slightly more normal ones for me.

  2. Lovley for a party when one could go completely over the top, or be quite safe apart from these amazing eyelashes, rather like one statement piece of jewellery. Jan x


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