Saturday, 13 November 2010


Those of you who have been watching The Only Way is Essex 'TOWIE' the last few weeks will know what I'm talking about when I say Vajazzle! Those of you who have no idea what this new craze is....Vajazzle is the stylish jewels for your delicate parts i.e. lady bits, vajayjay, love box whatever you like to call it! Vajazzling takes the bikini wax one step further and its becoming bizarrely the latest beauty trend, who would have thought it eh?


The art of Vajazzling was introduced by Jennifer Love Hewitt after she wrote a chapter called 'Vajazzling in her book 'The Day I Shot Cupid'. After a break-up with her boyfriend a friend of hers decorated her 'lady area' with rhinestone Swarovski crystals and made it shined like a disco ball! It is now sweeping the globe and the new form of body art.

Photo: Coco De Mer
Question is have you had or considered a Vajazzle? Will you be getting Vajazzled for Christmas?
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