Wednesday 10 November 2010

Silk Perfect Pillow Cases

I recently had the opportunity to try out a 100% silk pillow case from ‘Silk Perfect’. These bring a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘beauty sleep’ apart from adding a little bit of luxury to your snoozing they promise to keep you looking younger too according to an ancient beauty secret!

So how do they work? Traditional cotton, linen or polyester pillowcases have a high absorbency rate stealing moisture to leave the skin in desperate need of a thirst quench. When combined with humidity and too much sun exposure skin can become dry and aggravated. SilkPerfect 100% put silk pillowcases proactively retain moisture to leave skin refreshed and hydrated. In addition, traditional pillowcases wick away product on the skin meaning your after-sun products may not be working to their best ability. By preventing osmosis SilkPerfect keeps product on the skin helping you to make the most of your slumber.

Dried out skin is naturally prone to ageing, contributing to the formation of lines and creases. Unlike traditional cotton pillows SilkPerfect pillowcases proactively retain moisture, while the fine soft nature of the fibres provides a smooth base for you to rest your head. Ideal for helping to keep skin moisturised, preventing that dried out sallow complexion. The silk can also prevent ‘bed hair’, frizz and split ends.

I have been testing out these pillow cases for a good month or so now and whilst I haven’t noticed any major differences in my skin hydration (not that my skin is particularly dry at the moment), I definitely have seen an improvement in my locks! I usually have really bad matted frizzy ‘bed hair’ hair on a morning and have noticed that isn’t a problem anymore since using these pillows. I love the luxurious silky feel, my normal traditional cotton pillowcases there is no comparison now! The new Silk Pur case has cotton backing so means the pillows don’t slide off the bed.

The Silk Perfect Púr pillow case can be ordered from the Silk Perfect website and it's currently on a buy one get one free offer so you can get two for £20 – they are definitely worth the investment! I'm definitely adding a couple on my Christmas list this year.

Have you tried Silk Pillow Cases?


  1. Good for the hair and feel so good..i want one! :)

  2. Ohh they look lovely and sound so luxurious! Not too pricey either, will deffo have to look into them :)

  3. I looove sleeping with silk sheets, and I will never go back to cotton.

  4. I have been wanting one of these for ages - and good to see that they have come down somewhat in price, good one for the xmas list and a 2 for 1 I may have to nip over and get one for me and my sister - she for the hair benefits and me for the skin benefits. Thanks so much for this. Jan x

  5. My friend tried one of these pur pillowcases but said it wasn't very good quality silk i.e. very thin and flimsy and is also cotton on one side
    I think this is why they are so cheap

  6. I tried one of those silkperfect pillowcases, waste of money!! It did nothing, looked very cheap and I am really annoyed at thier false claims! I want my money back!

    Found out it's jus a fake copy too...


  7. I purchased a silkperfect pillowcase and was very upset at the quality when it arrived. I wanted if for a present but felt it would be an insult when I saw the cheap packaging. I opened it up but was more dissatisfied when I saw the pillowcase. I asked for a refund but they said no, I sent it back but I haven't heard anything since. I paid £30.00 plus packaging. Don't touch this company, their customer service approch is also very uncaring.

  8. There are lots of companies selling silk pillowcases, just google it.

  9. I feel very comfortable and more relaxed in silky pillows. I think everyone should use silky pillows for good sleep.

  10. silkperfect is a rip-off cheap copy of a very well known Brand, don't think they would be too happy if they knew...


  11. silk pillowcases are great if you buy quality like the one I have from silkgifts

  12. I have spent a year searching for high quality silk pillow cases in China. Now a company called Eternal Spring sells a very high quality 100% Mulberry silk 16 momme with a thread count of 500 in Ivory and at £19.95 this amazing value. AND they will refund money if not completely satisfied.
    I'm sad people have been ripped off by low grade fabrics and bad serice.

  13. Thanks for the comments from the genuine users above (ie non-anonymous), rather than from our competitors.

    We do offer a no quibble 110% money-back guarantee, so one of the above comments is unfounded and caused personal distress to our Customer Service Team. The reason for the 2 for 1 offer is because the packaging on the "Purs" wasn't up to standard (new ones are on the way now we've sold that batch of 10,000 Purs). Our Premiere product is still in it's critically acclaimed packaging.

    But look - we don't mind from whom you buy your silk pillowcase: SilkPerfect, SilkSkin (writer of some of the above according "Anonymous" comments according to the IP address), the delightful SilkGifts or the new Eternal Spring.

    We have extensively and scientifically studied silk and it's properties and Seracin/Fibroin constituents, and compiled two different pillowcase options. There are benefits from utilising ANY Silk Pillowcase - so go ahead and make your own personal choice and we're sure you'll be recommending them to your friends forever after.

  14. Everyone knows your a cheap copy and Idea of The Silkskin pillowcase 2004!! That is the original Concept stocked by Harvey Nichols!!

    Made for skin & hair care....

  15. The Original Silk Pillowcases designed for skin and hair care are made by

    Their original concept and research was online well over a year before silkskin went on sale

  16. King size Bedding Ensembles usually have King Shams, and will require King pillows to fill the shams with best silk pillowcase In the year 1908 Hoover started mass-producing vacuum cleaners and selling them to wealthy homeowners

  17. Also with the pillows, it is better to put pillow cases on it so it would look greater than the bland color it has silk pillowcase If your skin is well cared for, then there is no reason why germs will want to make their home there


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