Saturday 13 March 2010

Lush Haul

I dont normally do these haul type posts but ive had a few requests so thought id share with you all what i got from Lush today:

Baby bath bot bath bomb (limited edition for easter i believe?)

waving not drowning bath bomb

and my favourite Tisty Tosy (the heart shaped bath bomb with rosepetals)

I did also pick up the butterball as it said it was good for dry skin but the lady must of forgotton to add this as its not in my bag! These were all nicely giftwrapped with ribbon for easter/mothers day. I love the whole idea of lush and i adore taking baths and have been using lush bath bombs for years, and although the other lush products look fun im yet to be adventurous and try any other products so... what other lush products would you recommend for me?

The facial products scare me, i just feel they would bring me out in a rash and they all seem very overpowering of perfume! I did try a sample of the ultrabland cleanser after much hype from others but i wasnt impressed, it did leave my skin feeling soft but i didnt like the smell much and i felt like i needed to wash my face again as it left a greasey residue on my skin. I really love the idea of the lush spa experience facials where they stimulate all of your senses but as im not overly keen on trying out the facial products and the fact the treatment costs £125 puts me off!!

Have you tried the lush spa or recommend any of the products?


  1. Great haul :)
    I must get waving not drowning bath bomb please let me know what you think of it, its meant to calm you down.

    I must get the easter products! a trip to lush is well over a due, I saw a girl in a que in tescos in halifax today with lush bags and felt jealous she must have been to leeds!!

    How sweet of them to gift wrap everything, Butterball is amazing its a shame they forgot to put it in :(

    I have soo many lush products that i love and il share with you soon in a post!

    I must say im scared of using the facemasks now after my accident :/

    The spa sounds amazing but as you said expensive! maybe we could save up and treat ourselves sooon!


  2. your the lush queen haha! yes id love to try the spa out we should treat ourselves and start saving, maybe go in the summer! :) xx


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