Saturday 16 April 2011

Lush Spa 'The Spell' Treatment

Lush has launched 'The Spell', a 60 minute treatment (£50.00) based on a traditional foot massage performed at The Lush Spa. Taking inspiration from reflexology, this treatment aims to ease the build up of stress and anxiety. The Spell treatment begins with the client writing down a worry, which is then placed in a copper pot and lit. Then a zesty scrub with Stepping Stone pumice is used on the feet, along with a therapeutic soak and a Volcanic Bath Ballistic. The Volcano foot mask with healing clays and pumice is applied to the feet to cleanse and remove any dead skin, and a head and scalp massage then follows. Also available at The Lush Spa are: the signature Synaesthesia massage (£125.00), Validation Facial (£75.00), The Good Hour massage (£75.00) and Tailor Made massage (£40.00). 

These treatments are pricey but from what I've heard worth every penny - I hope to review for you soon! Let me know if you have had any Lush Spa treatments and your thoughts below. 


  1. I keep seeing the Lush treatments page on their website and wondering what they're like :) They're expensive but I love Lush products so I bet they would be lovely. If you get the chance to have one and do a review I'll definitely be checking back for it because it looks like something for the birthday list!

    :-) xo

  2. Sounds amazing, but I couldn't bring myself to fork out that much money.x

  3. Sounds great too. I love the foot massage part. I am now going to undergo one as my podiatrists suggested it to me.


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