Monday 4 April 2011

Spapliance Heated Orb

SPAPLIANCE is a new brand launched at Professional Beauty 2011. Co-created by Jane Scrivner, a former skin therapist, the brand’s first product is the ORB. This is a portable, continuous heat chamber for warming skincare products including waxes, clays and mud. The ORB heats products within 10 minutes and through a patented applied process, once removed from the heat source, is portable and maintains its temperature for an hour. The ORB, priced at £175.00, is currently only stocked online at SPARCANA (the parent company) is actively looking for distributors for the ORB. Each year SPARCANA plans to launch a new appliance designed for use by beauty therapists.

Pricey but this gadget looks fantastic for home waxing and for heating face masks. If you know of any similar gadgets on a budget let me know in the comments please!

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