Friday 23 September 2011

I'm Back & Little Update

Ola! I'm back from my little holiday! It was very relaxing, very hot and much needed. I packed lightly (for once!) and only took hand luggage with me I was fairly good and only bought a couple of essential makeup items, which I shall share with you over the weekend. I was totally stress-free, well until I landed back to the UK, went to collect my car and found I had flat tyres! :-( 

Being a typical girl I had no idea what to do, how to change a tyre or even if I had a spare tyre! I wasn't an AA member as I thought having a new car I don't need breakdown cover...silly me ended up costing me £140 to join on the spot so learn from my mistake! FYI: it only costs £8 for a years AA cover if you go through this free cashback site

Lovely AA Man fixing my car at 7am!
Luckily my friend came to the rescue and put me up for the night, not that we got a wink of sleep, then phoned the AA man the next morning who located the spare tyre (it was under the boot) and just my luck after fitting the spare tyre the valve broke off! I was even more angry to find out that someone had deliberately pierced my tyres in the side and also scratched one side of my car badly :( What the hell is wrong with some people?! 

So after a flight, 2 trains, a taxi, towed to the garage, 3 new tyres, and £250 down the drain I am finally home! Karma will eventually catch up with the tyre slashing culprit :/

Anyhow normal service shall commence again, expect lots of blog posts coming up (sorry i've been slack recently), outstanding giveaway winners shall be selected, and don't forget to sign up to my newsletter for a weekly round up and more chances to win.

I hope your all well and had a better week than me so far?!

Happy friday :)

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  1. What a nightmare after you come back from Holiday to have flat tyres! I can't believe that some people are so disrespectful of other people's property. Tyre slashing has got to be the worst thing ever, tyres are expensive! Glad you got everything fixed though!


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