Wednesday 19 September 2012

Glossybox: September 2012 Rising Stars & Maggie Li

This month's limited edition  GLOSSYBOX came just in time for Fashion Week and has been designed by London-based illustrator Maggie Li. This month's theme is an introduction to rising stars across fashion, design and beauty - granting an exclusive preview of Lady Gaga's new fragrance 'Fame' and Vichy's new Idealia range. I adore the limited edition illustrated box this month however I found the contents a little sparse...

Lady Gaga's Fame Fragrance (worth £1.44) 
I have already voiced my opinions on receiving perfume samples in boxes...I'm quite fussy when it comes to perfume and unless its a 'luxury' size sample mini bottle rather than a tiny vital then I don't think it should count as one of your five as these can easily be picked up on many beauty counters for free. I was intrigued to smell this new Lady Gaga perfume but I'm not a fan it smells like the typical sickly sweet celebrity fragrance.

Rodial Glamoxy Snake Serum and 5 Minute Facial (worth £5.78)
I have heard of these products before but not tried them as they had such a high-price tag and no samples on beauty counters. I'm pleased to receive these as I have heard mixed reviews both good and bad so look forward to trying to see if they do what they promise!

Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream (worth £9.33)
This is a natural triple action eye cream designed to soothe tired eyes, smooth away dark shadows and reduce the appearance of fine lines. 

Vichy Idealia Day Care Cream (worth £7.50)
This is a new launch - a smoothing and illuminating day cream that smoothens skin's texture and improves complexion radiance. I think this cream would probably be more suited to a drier skin so will pass this on to my mum to try as my skin is normal at the moment.

Maghrabian Hair Oil Treatment (worth £2.40)
I love Argan hair oil and not heard of this brand before so look forward to trying it out, although the full size seems a little pricey.

This month's box contained quite small size samples so it seemed very sparse and I have totted up the value of the products and it comes to roughly £26.24 which for £10 (plus £2.95 P&P) is not bad but this month I wasn't over whelmed by any of the products! But thats the point of beauty boxes - you discover new products and find out the products you like (and don't like!) before buying full size. Let's hope that next month's box is a better one! You can find out more and order your own GLOSSYBOX here. 

What do you think of this month's GLOSSYBOX? Did you receive anything different to mine? 


  1. i agree. if it's just a vial, it shouldnt count! but if it's a sample bottle, then thats ok :D

  2. Though the box is very pretty, all the samples are soo small and not really in good value >_<!! meeeh Im definitely on the same side with you. Counting a vial as a sample is cheating :S!

  3. I agree pretty box but the contents are very small. I have no regrets unsubscribing after the birthday box.

  4. You got the same box as me! I wasn't overwhelmed by any of the products either. x

  5. I was a bit underwhelmed by this box - no make up or nail samples :(

    Would love you to check my blog out and maybe follow each other?

  6. I was impressed with the box but when I looked inside, I was quite disappointed. I hope next month would be much better. My point here is how can I know if these products work if they are only for a day or so use. Most skin care products take effect after a week or so.

  7. I was very dissapointed with this one. Not to mention it arrived two weeks LATER because it got lost somewhere! Bad customer service too... :/


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