Thursday 6 September 2012

Phillip Treacy LFW Slendertone Face

Milliner Philip Treacy will be showing his Spring/Summer 2013 collection at London Fashion Week this month and marks his first return to the London catwalk after a 12 year hiatus. Philip Treacy fans include the Royal Family as well as Lady Gaga and Sarah-Jessica Parker.

Philip Treacy has also created a special edition Slendertone Face to give users a natural facelift from the inside (and look even better when wearing a hat). Both the ‘original’ Slendertone Face and the special edition version harness pioneering electronic muscle stimulating (EMS) technology which stimulates the facial nerves to activate natural muscle contractions and therefore exercise the face.

This lifting and anti-ageing device targets a key contributor to the ageing process – muscle wastage - which starts from the age of thirty. As the facial muscles are directly attached to skin, when they lose mass the attached skin sags and hollows and causes ageing of the face. Slendertone Face is able to restore the youthful shape of the face by toning and lifting the muscles naturally. It also increases the blood flow to the face and within two weeks users report an improvement in their circulation and the boost of a healthy glow.

Philip Treacy’s design for Slendertone Face involved reworking the headset to enlarge the contact pads so that they resemble headphones and which are worn rather like a music headset. He also coloured them a flamboyant and unashamed shade of fusica pink. However it is not just the look of the special edition Slendertone Face which has been enhanced, it now features five different modes; two more than the traditional Slendertone Face device, allowing users to opt for radiance, lift, massage, advanced lift and complexion settings.

Both versions of the Slendertone Face have been specifically created for people who don’t want to have invasive anti-ageing treatments but want to restore the underlying architecture of the face providing a visible and natural face-lift without the need for surgery. Unlike facial freezing (Botox) which actually fosters the atrophication of the muscles and therefore increases the maturing look of the face, this device is designed to help people to ‘use it rather than lose it’!

Slendertone Face by Philip Treacy costs £400 and is available from Slendertone for a limited time, whilst the standard Slendertone Face costs £250 and is also available from, Slendertone, and Have you ever thought about trying the Slendertone Face?

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  1. You never mentioned he's irish! Glad to see he's returning to the catwalk, I haven't seen or heard from him since his brief appearance on Project Runway USA.


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