Monday 15 September 2014

Goldwell Kerasilk Keratin Treatment Review

Before & After Kerasilk Keratin Treatment
I have thought about getting a Brazilian Blowdry type treatment for a few years however I've read mixed reviews and was put off by the strong chemicals are used that can damage hair and make your eyes sting during the treatment! Funnily enough my old Brazilian flatmate told me that she has never heard of a Brazilian Blowdry - it does not exist in Brazil!

I recently tried out Goldwell's Kerasilk Keratin Treatment which is the first customisable long-lasting smoothing service for hair like silk for up to 5 months. It makes unruly, frizzy hair manageable, softens waves and smoothens the overall hair structure and reduces styling time significantly without using strong chemicals and is bespoke to your hair type and your required end result. 

Goldwell Kerasilk Keratin Treatment is a two-component system, meaning that it can be customised to suit individual client needs according to their existing hair type and texture and desired finish. Formulated with smoothing glyoxylic acid and additional keratin and silk proteins, the treatment penetrates deep into the hair to create new keratin bonds and stabilise the new hair shape for up to five months.

The service began with a consultation to discuss my hair concerns, my hair type and how I like to style my hair. My stylist explained that the Kerasilk Keratin Treatment is bespoke and customised to the individual and so we decided that the end result should take my hair from frizzy and naturally curly to be smooth but not poker straight as I like to wear my hair wavy.

To begin with my stylist suggested we chop off the dead ends and my hair was washed roughly blow-dried. Next the stylist applied the bespoke mixture of the two Kerasilk Kertain lotions (Rich and Ultra Rich formulations) and left on my hair for 15 minutes before my hair was roughly blow dried. There was no strong smell or discomfort at all, it felt almost as if just a conditioning treatment had been applied to my hair. 

My hair was then straightened using straightening irons in small sections, with each section straightened repeatedly four times. Afterwards my hair was washed and conditioned and the stylist applied Kerasilk Lock-in Serum before a basic blow dry. There is no need to leave in the product for several days after the treatment, the hair can be immediately washed, however it is recommended not to colour your hair for 2 weeks after the treatment. My hair felt glossy, smooth and frizz-free and felt much healthier and thicker but the real test of course was when I washed it for the first time at home! The whole process took around two and a half hours and I was given Goldwell Kerasilk shampoo and conditioner to use at home to help maintain the treatment. 

A few days after the treatment, I washed my hair using my usual shampoo and conditioner and used no styling products and only roughly blow-dried my hair without a brush. I am amazed at the results: smooth, glossy, thicker, no frizz and with the minimum of effort! Usually the hard water in London makes my hair even more frizzy than normal! I didn't need to style or use any products or further heat on my hair.

I am excited that my hair now needs minimum effort for the next 5 months - I can see this  treatment becoming addictive! For anyone who has frizzy unmanageable hair, especially when the weather is humid or hot, I would 100% recommend this treatment! 

Goldwell Kerasilk Keratin Treatment costs £120 to find your nearest salon please visit GoldwellHave you ever tried a Keratin Hair Treatment? I'd love to hear what your experience!


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