Monday 7 December 2009

Hair Growth Experiment

Apparantly hair grows around 1.5 inches every month, although my fringe grows out so quick i never see much difference in length as my ends tend to go whispy. As of Dec 2009 my hair although cut into different layers measures approx. 29cm and im planning to measure it again in 3 months time and see how much it has grown (may do monthly updates).

In order for my hair to be looking in better condition I have started doing a number of things such as:

1. I have started getting my hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks to get rid of split ends

2. Not dying or bleaching my hair as often and giving my hair a rest (even tho my roots are starting to look terrible as its about 3 months since I last got it coloured!) I am also gradually going darker so it looks more glossy and in better condition (also the roots wont show as badly)

3. I am using less heat on my hair – if im not in a rush I will let my hair dry naturally after washing

4. I am using a mix of good (expensive!) shampoos and conditioners by loreal professional and keratase.

5. I only wash my hair never more than twice a week – my hair doesn’t get greasy and is naturally curly and dry so doesn’t need it.

6. I am also using dry shampoo if my hair is looking a bit dull and slightly greasy inbetween washes.

7. Once a week I use a strethening treatment by either loreal professional or ketatase.

8. I am using a heat protective spray before I straighten

9. Im only using straighteners on my hair after I have first washed it or if I am going out. Sometimes If im just in the house I just tie my hair back and leave it without styling.

10. Using bumpits instead of backcombing.

11. Drinking more water and better diet

12. More excercise

13. Planning to detox in Jan 2010

14. Weekly Deep Treatment

15. Vitamin Supplements and Herbal Tea

Do you have any top tips for making hair get in better condition?


  1. I started taking Biotin. I'm only taking 1000mcg but I've had lots of people commenting that my hair has grown!

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