Sunday 6 December 2009

Nailene Non Chip Stick on Nails Review

Hello guys! sorry i havent posted for a week or so but as you will know if you follow me on twitter that I have just got back this weekend from New York. It was fab and i got a few things i will share with you in a later blog. Before i went away i was really busy with work so have lots of blogs to catch up on!
I just wanted to share with you these fab stick on nails from nailene - im really impressed! I tried out the original nailene stick on nails and the first couple of days i was really impressed with them - but was disapointed that the white chipped off really badly. These new versions promise to be chip free and im pleased to say they work! I stuck these on in the airport whilst waiting for my flight to new york....i filed them more of a rounded shape as i felt they looked too fake square shaped. I have had them on a week now and no chips at all they look perfect - i have had a few girls passing comment on my nails and asking where i had them done!
Here is just after i applied the nails:

This picture is taken after 7 days of wearing them - and i have to say i have been rushing around, shopping, no not taking great care of them and they look perfect and natural! I prefer them to gel nails. Im very impressed and definately recommend them to you all :)



  1. Ohh gorgeous! I might give these a try!


  2. they are brillant feel so natural on too :)

  3. can see where my nails have grown out in a week in that first photo :)


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