Monday, 24 May 2010

Xen Tan Review

I was invited to the Xen-Tan Spray Tanning event in Manchester a couple of weeks ago but unfortunately I couldn’t attend, so I was kindly sent some Xen –Tan to try out at home. I was really excited to try this as I’ve read some fabulous reviews!

I received the Deep Bronze Instant Self-Tan with new time release ingredients and also the Xen Tan tanning mitt. Firstly the tanning cream is an olive green colour which I have not come across before with any other self tanners. It is a gel-like cream and glides onto the skin effortlessly. However, due to the texture of the crème and the faint colour guide it is difficult to see where you have applied the tan. The scent is very strong and reminds me of chocolate cake mix, I suppose this is better than the usual biscuit smell!

The Xen-Tan Mitt is made from a furry felt-like material which I was expecting would be fabulous and give a flawless application. Although it feels lovely and soft against the skin, the cream tends to stick to the mitt and clump together on the skin in patches, making it difficult to blend and get an even finish. I have heard mixed reviews of Xen-Tan, the majority have been fabulous but there were a couple of reports that the Xen Tan was streaky - so perhaps they used this mitt?

So after trying out the mitt on one arm and wasn’t impressed with the messy application or clumpy uneven finish, I reverted back to my normal trusty mitt to apply the cream to the rest of my body and face. I like that you can use this on both body and face so no need for a separate facial tanner. The crème did sink in nicely to the skin and dried very quickly without feeling sticky like some other tanners do.

I was surprised to read on the back of the tube that the recommended time to leave the tan was 3 hours, which is a lot quicker processing time to most of the other tanners on the market. I applied this last night before bed and left it on overnight – so a good eight hours before washing off the colour guide this morning. I was left with a streak-free natural looking light golden tan.

Overall I’m very impressed with the result (apart from the mitt and smelling of cake mix!)

For more information on Xen Tan you can visit here.
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