Wednesday 5 May 2010

Skincare and Facials

Over the years I have tried many different types of facials and brands of skincare. I used to really love Declor facials as it is aromatherapy based it was very relaxing. However, these facials were pricey and I was disappointed that they didn’t check my skin thoroughly and tailor the facial to my skin needs; instead they tend to do the same facial routine whatever skin type you may have. I used to feel they were conscience of time and felt very rushed in and out. I did used to really like facial oil (which I still use occasionally) their natural salon only facial mask – which felt like warm porridge on the skin and was mixed with herbs and flowers. I used their cleansing milk and toner for a while but I find their products brought me out with spots after a while, I felt the products were too oil based for my skin and clogged my pores up.

I then discovered Demalogica face mapping facials which I loved – it felt they really looked closely at your skin and tailored your facial to your skin needs and regularly going improved my skin condition. I was that impressed I ended up buying the whole range of dermalogica skincare (which wasn’t cheap!) at first I absolutely loved how my skin felt and looked, and I was under the impression it was all natural ingredients /skin friendly then after 2 weeks of using the products my skin felt scaly, rough, dry and irritated. I felt this was the toner causing this as it used to sting my face a little when I applied it and felt tight afterwards….so much for being kind to skin and alcohol free! So I stopped using the toner and my skin returned to normal. I still really like dermalogica products and still use their special cleansing gel which leaves my face so soft and clean, their scrubs and their face masks and the pre cleanser. I also switch between using Dior serum and moisturiser and scrubs, Eve Lom cleanser (which I like but hate the smell of also feel its overpriced!), origins and a few other bits and bobs!

When I discovered Elemis facials I fell in love! The facials and products are expensive but worth every penny and I believe spending more on good quality items is a good investment. They do some good offers throughout the year though which work out good value. The products smell amazing, it is so relaxing and like dermologica the facials are tailored to suit your skin. I love the smell of elemis products, and the little touches such as a cosy blanket and duvet on the bed (which is heated), darkened room with candles, the foot massage at the beginning, the neck, should and arm massage, eye masks, the little bell at the end. I even love how when they remove the masks or scrubs with hot cloths they add a few drops of essential oils such as lavender, lime or rosewood. Because I am now a regular and spend quite a lot of money in the salon, sometimes the therapist also gives me a little back massage with hot stones or reiki as an extra treat. Dermologica products I feel are a bit bland and boring compared to elemis, in smell and the simple design of the bottles etc. So of course I ended up purchasing a few bits and pieces of elemis range.

I had an Eve Lom counter Facial at Space NK at the weekend which was lovely. Firstly I was given a skin loving cocktail containing pomegranate and fresh raspberries which was gorgeous. She firstly removed my makeup and cleaned my skin using the Eve Lom cleanser, which has a very strong clinical smell of cloves and spice. She used a massage technique to drain excess fluids which was relaxing. She then applied the rescue mask which was very cooling on the skin, great for breakouts it smelts strongly of vics vapour rub. She left this on for about 10 minutes and it was nice to have a bit of peace from the sales patter! She then applied the new TLC Cream, eye cream and Lip kiss mix. Overall I felt this facial was although clean and refreshing was too white and clincial, not at all relaxing which is how I like my facials to be! Felt the sales assistant was far too pushy and if this wasnt the case I probably would of purchased the mask or TLC cream. Take note Space NK/Eve Lom!

What skincare do you swear by? And which products do you not enjoy?

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