Wednesday 23 June 2010

He - Shi Tanning Review

He-Shi have developed a unisex tanning range for him and her (as we all know that men secretly like to tan – they just don’t admit to doing so!) that promises no streaks, no patches, no chemical smell – just ‘quick + easy’ natural looking tanning. Sounds good doesn't it?
Ireland’s leading self-tanning range has just landed in UK shores last month so I was excited to try this brand out, being a self-confessed Fake Tan junkie, I have tried pretty much every brand of fake tan out there. I like St-Tropez and even more so the cheaper dupe St Motriz (£2.99) but don’t like how when it fades it becomes patchy. My perfect tan would be quick + easy to apply, no streaking, natural looking tan (no orange!), no heavy biscuit smell and no fading in patches.
I have been using the He-Shi tanning range for a good few weeks now, and I absolutely LOVE it, it is without doubt the BEST tanning range I’ve come across! It is quick and easy to apply, simply glides on and it tans instantly on contact so you can see where you have applied it, doesn’t streak and the colour is so natural looking. It lasts really well (a good week) and tends to fade like a natural tan does and not in patches! I have to admit that I haven’t been exfoliating or moisturising regularly as I should but haven’t found the He Shi to become patchy at all. The most amazing thing is the He Shi smells slightly fruity when applied but not overpowering and there is no biscuit smell whilst developing, yes you heard right NO biscuit smell! :)

Clever Play on words for the brand's name made from the founder, Hilary McMurray and her daughter Shelley names - He Shi (tanning range suitable for both men and women). I really like the simple chocolate coloured packaging.

Step 1.He-Shi exfoliating Body Wash (for him + her) with micro-dermabrasion crystals (£10.50 for 150ml)
This luxurious face and body exfoliator contains fruit AHA’s and scrubbing particles to gently remove dead skin cells whilst micro-dermabrasion crystals smooth the skin in preparation for tanning, it also contains olive oil for moisturising the skin. I have used this wash on my body (would prefer to use my normal facial wash and scrub on my face) and it smelt good enough to eat as its deliciously strawberry scented and left my body feeling squeaky clean, smooth and ready for tanning.

Step 2. He-Shi Quick + Easy Express Liquid Tan (£20 for 150ml)

This tan liquid is fool-proof, paraben-free and the secret to my fabulous natural looking streak free tan! I applied this using my new best friend the He-Shi Tanning Mitt (£3.99). It tanned my skin instantly on contact giving an instant lightly-bronzed finish and I even applied some on my face which didn’t break me out. I like how I can see exactly where I have applied the tan so no risk of streaking or those tell tale white patches due to missing bits. It dries quickly and doesn’t feel sticky and gave me a lovely natural looking tan. The most remarkable thing to mention is it does not give that awful biscuit smell! I usually tan on an evening and leave overnight but due to this tan not leaving me smelling like biscuits I applied some of this through the day which worked well and didn’t stain my clothes. The tan lasted over a week and I found that it fades gradually like a natural tan, and doesn’t leave patches.

He-Shi Quick + Easy Facial Tanning Gel (£12.50 for 100ml)

A light moisturising gel which refreshes the skin and delivers a fresh, natural glowing tan that dries in a couple of minutes without feeling sticky. The gel contains moisturising ingredients such as vitamin B5 and Omega 9 rich castor oil. I applied this using the tanning mitt to ensure an even and flawless looking tan, and found I didn’t need to wear as much foundation whilst using this tan!

The tanning mitt is super soft and smooth and helps to blend the tan into the skin evenly to give a natural, streak-free perfect tan. The mitt is machine washable and ensures that your hands remain stain free and no giveaway orange palms!

Step 3. He-Shi Quick + Easy Souffle Moisturiser (£12 for 150ml)

Light Hydrating Super-moisturising with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E is a lovely body cream. It ia a strawberry scented, daily face and body moisturiser (personally I would just stick with this for the body) is easily absorbed into the skin providing a low shine matt finish which helps to protect your tan and prevent flaking when your tan is starting to fade.

Have you tried the He Shi range? What are your thoughts on men fake tanning?

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  1. I think if a guy wants to fake tan its fine as long as its not overboard and they know what their doing.

  2. hello!

    what about the results of giveaway? :)

  3. I LOVE this range! I have been using the liquid tan now for a couple of months, and it is hands down the best self-tanner I have used. Get so many compliment on how natural looking my tan is - massive thumbs up!

  4. Hi,

    im away in brighton this weekend so shall post the winner when i return :) xx

  5. lovely review, havent really heard of the brand before :)

  6. never heard of this brand before,
    lovely review tho! will have to have a look at their products

    Stefy x

  7. great review really been wanting to try this for a while myself. have you got any berore and after pics?? x


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