Thursday, 10 June 2010

Bourjois False Nail Effect Nail Polish

Bourjois has created a new nail enamel which achieves perfectly smooth and impeccably curved nails. False Nail Effect Nail Enamel gives the appearance of false-nails for up to 8 days.

The formula is enriched with an adhering resin to resist every shock. A fine measure of micro-beaded pearls in each shade visually amplifies the curved effect of the nail. The texture coats the nail and masks imperfections. It models the natural shape of the nail and distils an ultra-brilliant intense colour. The nail appears to be perfect! The brush applicator multiplies the power of the formula. Thanks to two side openings, the fibres of the brush are generously spread over the whole nail. This double-action applicator sculpts an ideal shape. Its extra covering result accentuates the false-nails effect.

I applied the Bourjois false nail effect polish in the shade 'Rouge Modele', a bright pillar box red, last week. It glides on effortlessly and quickly due to the flat curved brush. At the moment I have a few ridges on my nails due to recently removing Gel Nails and the polish brilliantly hid these. I love the sleek shaped bottle and  it wears really well with no chipping to date (7 days later) and I didn’t apply a top coat! Once the polish is dry it feels super smooth like false nails and also makes my nails look plastic-like and super shiny! Im very impressed and think I have my eye on trying the barbie pink shade next!

These polishes would suit those on a budget as Salon Gel or Acrylic Nails can be very expensive to maintain. False Nails can also turn yellow and lift off when coming into contact with chlorine in the swimming pool and UV rays so these would be perfect polishes to take on holidays to create the False Nails look.
These polishes are exclusive to and are available in 8 brilliant colours priced at £5.49.

Have you tried these polishes? What did you think?
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