Wednesday 18 August 2010

Jane Packer Launches her new Fragrance Collection

International Floral Designer, Jane Packer, launched her new Fragrance Collection last week, consisting of 5 contrasting fragrances, all inspired by the multitude of flowers she has worked with over the last two decades.

Jane Packer believes that just as we would buy a new outfit or adorn ourselves with a precious accessory, we choose a special fragrance to complete our wardrobe. She also believes that women want their fragrance to reflect their personality.

Jane Packer had dreamed of creating her own fragrance for a long time and as a child, being fascinated by flowers, she would try and produce her own fragrances from the petals collected from her garden. Similarly Jane has spent many hours finding the right blends for all of the five fragrances in her new Fragrance Collection, from the initial inception, to the ultimate fruition, and has been instrumental in its development every step of the way.

After one year, the final result being beautiful fragrances that she is proud to wear - a Fragrance Collection that will appeal to all. There are five fragrances, each of which represents different moods, or characters, developed individually and motivated by Jane's love of flowers. The unique bottle and cap combination make them desirable objects for any dressing table.

The Jane Packer Fragrance Collection consists of a beautifully packaged Fragrance, Body Cream and Milk Bath, which are divided into 5 inspiring scents:

From Left to Right: Red Roses, Black Violet & Cyclamen; Green Orchid, Vetiver & Lemon Grass; Gardenia, Cedar Wood & Patchouli; Iris, Jasmine & Sandalwood; Fig, Sandalwood & Amber.

My favourite from the collection is the Fig, Sandalwood & Amber.

The collection will launch exclusively on 1st October at her flagship store in New Cavendish Street and online at It shall also be available at John Lewis and House of Fraser from 15th October.

Eau de Parfum 50ml £45 RRP
Bath Milk 200ml £19.50  RRP
Body Cream 200ml £25 RRP

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  1. I am not good for a fragrance descriptions but I wanted to have a perfume collections. Will certainly visit your site more often now.



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