Saturday 14 August 2010

Chanel Paradoxal V Models Own Purple Grey

Chanel launched their new ‘must have’ A/W limited edition shade ‘Paradoxal’ last month, which proved very popular and sold out in Selfridges within 3 hours! Is it worth all the hype? And worth the £16.50 price tag?
I love all the dirty greyish shades out there at the moment which are very on trend this season. Paradoxal is a beautiful, very deep and vibrant purple with a pearl effect when light is reflected on it. However, it is a bit of a letdown when applied on the nail – the vibrancy of the colour is lost and it also chips very badly. In my opinion a high-end price tag and a luxury brand should mean high-end quality, and in this case it isn’t worth the money.

I would definitely recommend checking out some far cheaper alternatives out there such as Models Own Purple Grey for a purse-friendly £5.

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  1. this is so useful to know that after all the hype it's a lef down. very happy. dupe for the winner wooo :)


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