Monday 29 August 2011

Yes to Tomatoes Facial Hydrating Lotion

Part of the same family as the ‘Yes to Carrots’ and ‘Yes to Cucumbers’ is their sister ‘Yes to Tomatoes’! The ‘Yes To’ is a guilt-free range of natural skin and hair care products combing high quality organic fruit and vegetables with the power of mineral.  I have heard that applying mushed up Tomatoes on spots can clear them up!

With the cold ‘summer’ weather we have been having recently my skin has had a few breakouts recently but I would say my skin is more normal/combination than oily.  This lotion is packed with vitamins and promises to keep oily/combination skin balanced and hydrated and promotes a clearer complexion. It contains a mix of ‘red’ ingredients: Tomato, red pepper watermelon, Rooibos (red tea), along with rosemary, Dead Sea minerals and natural oils. The packaging is basic, and surprisingly doesn’t smell of tomatoes! It has a fresh, slightly floral scent and is free from parabens, petroleum and SLS.

It is a light lotion and sinks into skin quickly, but I felt personally this lotion wasn’t rich enough for my skin, as mine tends to be on the dry side and I feel the spots are due to excess oil being produced as it is dehydrated but for those with oily skin this would be perfect as it is so light on the skin.

Priced at £12.35 and is available at Victoria Health


  1. My skin sounds a bit like yours...combination but more on the dry side! It's a difficult one to explain to shop assistants - and to chose a good foundation for! I generally assume anything described as a "lotion" will not be moisturising enough as the texture tends to be quite thin. Seems like this is no exception. Not going on the list :)

  2. helpful review...thanks :)


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