Sunday 21 August 2011

Nail Rock Jeans for Genes

Nail Rock has collaborated with Jeans for Genes to create a denim influenced collection in support of the charity. The limited edition range consists of three denim inspired designs: Jeans Pocket design, Jeans Zip design and a Denim Leopard design. Nail Rock will give £1 from the sale of each pack to the national children’s charity. The new Nail Rock designs (£6.65) last up to seven days on nails and eight weeks on the toes, with each at home nail wrapping treatment taking 15 minutes to apply. 



  1. These look great, for a good cause too!

  2. um, i am not so sure. nice idea but i wont personally buy them xx

  3. eh it kinda looks tacky but atleast its for a good cause
    irinasas at yahoo dot com

  4. Even though it might be considered tacky, I like these. More than the Hello Kitty nail arts and the tons of fake gems some people put on anyway! :)

  5. bought these the other day, fell in love! look FAB!! xx


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