Tuesday 19 June 2012


 This month's box seem's to have come around quick after last month's first year anniversary box. As usual the products came beautifully packaged as normal using a pale pink box with black tissue paper with and pink ribbon. This month's GLOSSYBOX embrace's Summer and gives you the opportunity to sample perfect handpicked Summer products in a good range of beauty categories. You can save 15% off by visiting  GLOSSYBOX and entering the code AFFJUNE15OFF at the checkout (ends 30/6/12).

HD Brows Precision Tweezers (Full size £19.95)
I loved the HD Brows kit I received last year from GLOSSYBOX so these precision tweezers are a welcome edition as their products are great quality. I already love my Tweezerman Tweezers but I always find that whenever I need to pluck my eyebrows I can never find any tweezers so I shall be keeping these safely in my bathroom cabinet for such emergencies!

GLOSSYBOX Serie Exclusiv Pro Beauty Brush (Full size £15)
I like receiving the GLOSSYBOX promotional items as I think they are a nice little thoughtful extra. This professional makeup brush made from super soft natural goat hairs is perfect to use for contouring, powders, blushes or bronzers and the short handle means it would be great for travel.  Although I like this makeup brush I don't think I would like to pay the recommended £15 for it. 

BM Beauty Summer Warmth Bronzer (worth £2)
This is a multi-purpose pure-mineral bronzer to add a touch of summer warmth to your face. Although it is a nice shade I find these mineral powders messy to use.  

Caudalie Eaux Fraiches  (worth £5.20)
This is a new product I wasn't aware of and I love the idea - refresh sense with an invigorating and energizing fragrance that is 100% natural.  I received 'The Des Vignes' fragrance which is too floral for my taste but there are two others in the range which are more citrus which I would much prefer. These small thin spray bottles are perfect for popping in your handbag or for travel.

Vichy Dermablend Ultra Corrective Foundation Cream Stick  (worth £9.50)
This is a foundation I have been wanting to try for ages ever since seeing how amazing it was in Lisa Eldridge's Make up Tutorials on covering spots! This is a great sample  as it contains a starter kit with 6 different shades to match to your own skin tone. I can't wait to try this to see if it is amazing at covering under eye dark circles as it shows!

This month's box contained two full size products and I have totted up the value of the products and it comes to roughly £51.65 which  for £10 (plus £2.95 P&P) is great value! I am most excited about the HD Brows Tweezers and the Vichy Dermablend, I also like the idea of the Caudalie Eaux Fraiches but will try the citrus scents. You can find out more and order your own GLOSSYBOX here. You can save 15% off by visiting  GLOSSYBOX and entering the code AFFJUNE15OFF at the checkout (ends 30/6/12).

What do you think of this month's GLOSSYBOX? Did you receive anything different to mine? 


  1. All I'll say is yours is way better the mine I got the brush the concealer and the bronzer some tiny agent provocatuer samples and a tiny Yves Rocher mascara sample - no way do those two items add up to the £19 for the tweezers - Some glossyboxes from the same drop are great some aren't I'm fed up of the inconsistency so I've cancelled - a shame since I've been a subscriber since day one :(

    1. Yves Rocher is not a luxury brand...

    2. I know, I got the same as Louise and am unimpressed! I am considering unsubscribing too!

    3. I am the same and have cancelled today. Received exactly as Louise. Yves Rocher - really? Not for me and a waste for two months Im afraid. Am moving over to SheSaidBeauty box for a few months to compare.

  2. o wow this box is worth it just for the tweezers! x


  3. It's a good box, but I wouldn't count the Glossybox brush as a sample. I mean it's not like you can go a buy other brushes, they are simply promotional products. But I'm interrested about Caudalie and the tweezer!

  4. You got the same as me although a different perfume. Was pretty underwhelmed with the brush - i feel it should have been a freebie like last months mirror not a "luxury sample" on its own.
    I got the tweezers and would have rather had the alternatives - i normally only spend a couple of pound on tweezers and these seem no different.
    Might try the foundation as concealer; although only porcelein will be pale enough. I'm just glad i didn't get anymore lashes!

  5. I loved the Caudalie The Des Vignes, I think it smells amazing! Wasn't impressed with the rest of the box though so I cancelled. Check out my blog to see what I got xx
    Beauty by Emma

  6. That looks awesome! I am still hooked on birchbox but I think glossybox might be a future choice.


  7. Ahhh I wanted the tweezers! Looks like you got a nice selection actually. I got a few different things to you, my review is here if you wanted to check it out: http://fashboxstyle.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/june-beauty-box-2-glossybox.html

    Kate xx

  8. I feel a bit gutted about the boxes I've been getting now. Other people always seem to get the better things such as the tweezers/burberry lipstick/HD brow growth serum and I get the little sample sized things.

  9. I got exactly the same products! I was slightly disappointed as I was only really excited about, the fragrance (although mine was a different scent!), and the Vichy Foundation. The RRP of the tweezers do make it a good value box though, I guess! x


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