Friday 1 June 2012

Havaianas Origine Espadrilles

You may remember me blogging a few months ago about The Havaianas Origine Espadrilles Event where I ran a competition for three of my readers to win their own pair of Havaianas Espadrilles and star in their new video campaign! Well the event was a huge success and on the day of filming the video in Hyde Park we were blessed with Sunshine, which is rare in the UK! The concept of the video was very cool – we all sat around on the grass in a circle and took turns to star jump or back flip in the middle whilst everyone in the circle filmed 360 degrees.

Havaianas are now ready to launch their new range of espadrilles and with that show that they fully embody the spirit of the brand. They believe in taking the brand experience to the next level and erasing the frontiers between the real and digital world.

The espadrilles, just as the iconic flip-flops, are at the core of the brand, as they are essentially flip-flops with a piece of canvas above. This opens a world of benefits, as they are water resistant, light and durable. Havaianas stands for “Always Summer” and with that you can use the new range of espadrilles anytime, anywhere, city or beach. I have to say these Havaianas are so comfy to wear they are almost like slippers and come in some great bright colours for Summer and I love the Ballerina style which are very girly and a more substantial alternative to ballet pumps. You can check out the online Havaianas Store for more details or jump on their Havaianas Facebook page.

You can watch the Video here - can you spot me?! Here's a clue...I'm wearing bright pink jeans ;)

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  1. Wow that looks like such fun! I saw you in the video (I think :S) , nice jeans!

    Project Rattlebag


  2. This looks amazing - I think I saw you too! Loving the pink!

    Ooh, and have you announced the winner of your nourish giveaway yet? xx

  3. Ahhhh now they look nice, I'm currently breaking in a new pair of Havaianas. Well I say Im breaking them in, they are currently breaking me at the moment:

    But when my feet have stopped bleeding they will be the comfiest shoes I own

  4. love your blog :)

    Nafisah xo


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