The products contain organic, plant derived, ingredients to enhance your skin. Your skin is protected for up to 24 hours without the use of unfriendly chemicals, parabens, mineral oils or silicones. This nurturing, anti-ageing range is perfect for core skincare needs as it helps you to optimise your skin around the life you lead. Sometimes skincare ranges can be a little overwhelming with all the different lotions and potions to choose from, but they have kept things simple with colour coded products.

At certain times in life, your skin can be influenced by changing surroundings, and it’s important to adjust your skincare accordingly. The way our skin looks is influenced by two factors: skin type and lifestyle. The range caters for individual needs. For instance, if you are feeling stressed, and your skin in need of a pick me up, you can opt for vitamin C-rich Face Gel Serum Protect (£15.95).

I tried the Balance Range (£40.00) which consists of a Cleanser, Toner spray, Moisturiser, and a Gel serum. Perfect for combination skin. Consisting of a special blend of apple extract, minerals, and hydrating multivitamins B3, B5, B6, C and, E. Recovering the natural lipid barrier whilst evening skin tone. The effective ingredients protect the DNA, and other cell structures from free radicals. Supporting elastin and collagen syntheses whilst stimulating blood circulation, maintaining moisture levels, and recovering tissue damage. All in one package! 

The range left my skin feeling clean and well hydrated. I adore the simple yet striking packaging. They are a perfect for travel, and the scent smells of fresh apples! My favourite product from the set is the Gel Serum, as its light texture soothes the skin, and doubles up a good base for makeup. The formula contains hylauronic acid, perfect for combating premature ageing. I have also been trying out the Relax Lavender hand cream (£9.95) which smells great, and sinks in nicely without being greasy – my hands have never felt so soft! Nourish skincare products are carefully formulated to enhance your skin in the most effective way.

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