Thursday 7 June 2012

Should Bloggers Write for Love, or Money?

I hope you all had a nice extra-long Bank holiday Jubilee Weekend! I have some exciting news to share - I shall be taking part in a panel at TLLWTL's event next week along with Holly (YM Beauty Blog) , Mel Kirk (Random Mel) of course This Little Lady Went to London herself JJ amongst others!  

The event is aimed at improving relationships between Bloggers and PR Agencies - and all profits made from ticket sales after expenses, and all money raised from additional raffle tickets, will go directly to Breakthrough Breast Cancer Charity who will be in attendance on the night.

The event shall be hosted by the lovely Mel Kirk and shall start off with a Champagne reception before the panel debate one of the topics that is asked a lot "Should Bloggers expect to be paid for content, or write for love?" The panel is divided in opinion and we expect lively debate and some excellent arguments for both sides. We'll discuss the differences between Bloggers and Journalists, if and why the rules are different when dealing with independent Bloggers, and look at ways to engage with Bloggers and offer incentive and reward without financial recompense. We'll also look at the reasons many Bloggers are now looking to be paid for their time and coverage of your brand, and try to discover and understand the effects of sponsored posts and advertorials on readership and trust of their communities. We'll also look at how Blogs have become big business and just how much influence they have in today's society. 

There will be a Q+A session and a charity raffle, to help raise vital funds for Breakthrough Breast Cancer - with some amazing prizes including a romantic dinner for two, festival tickets, a beautiful designer watch, a case of superb wine and much more. Finally there'll be networking drinks and the chance to socialise with your peers, our speakers and our event sponsors (Cloud Nine Social Media & Digital Talent, and TravelSupermarket), who you can personally thank for the drinks they will be helping to provide!

If you have been to one of their events before you'll know they're both informative and great fun, with a relevant crowd who are always looking to both learn and give great insights themselves. Their last event was a sell out over a week in advance so please do be sure to book your tickets early here!

The event is being held at the gorgeous Distillers, Smithfield. (66 West Smithfield, London, EC1A 9DY). Further information about the venue can be found here. Let me know if your coming along!


  1. Such a controversial subject. I personally think that it's ok if a blogger expand and then gets paid for what they do. Most of us like writing, and why not make a living out of it? I think that what scares most followers is the integrity of bloggers when that happens. I guess in some cases you can tell when it's fake (Blair Fowler and Orabrush for example).

  2. What a great topic! I remember when I first became a blogger brands couldn't wait to get your reviews and it was interesting to see how far they would go to please you, i.e. pay you to write the review. But people got smart and you can easily see through a thinly veiled attempt at a review, but still your integrity is everything and people will only come back if they trust you.

  3. Love this.I think bloggers should blog because they enjoy it! Not just for freebies and money.


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