Sunday 30 May 2010

Product Rave: Eye Bright by Liz Earle

As you will know from my previous posts I am a big fan of natural skincare. At the moment I am really enjoying using Liz Earle hot polish cleanser after recently being converted (you can read my review here). As well as the hot polish cleanser, I have constantly being using the Liz Earle Eye Bright, in fact so much so I’m now running low and need to repurchase. Everything I have recieved from Liz Earle is so beautifully wrapped in tissue and carefully presented in a gift box - its a lovely touch.

I find that most eye makeup removers are oily and even though they are brilliant are dissolving and removing eye makeup and stubborn mascara, they leave my eyes greasy. I find the cream based eye makeup removers irritate and sting my eyes. The Liz Earle Eye Bright is without doubt the best eye-makeup remover I have ever tried, this product is amazing!
On a morning first thing before cleansing my face I apply some of this soothing herbal lotion soaked on a cotton wool pad and sweep over my eyes to clean my eyes of any remains of eye makeup from the night before and also the coolness really wakes me up on a morning and revitalises my eyes (I am a terrible morning person and this really gives me a refreshing boost).

I use this to remove my eye makeup on an evening – I apply a little on two cotton wool pads and swipe over my eye lids and it is fabulous for removing even the heaviest of eye makeup and waterproof mascara. It is so gentle yet effective, my eyes can be sensitive and this product has not irritated or stung my eyes at all. It smells lightly of cucumber and my eye area is left feeling clean, soft, and not at all greasy.

Sometimes when I give myself a facial at home, I like to apply my favourite face mask whilst having a bath, and then damped two cotton wool pads with this product (using a little more than usual) and place over my eyes and leave on for about 10-15 minutes whilst relaxing in the bath. This makes a wonderful eye treatment, its soothing and refreshing and I look like I have had a good night’s sleep afterwards.

This product would be fabulous to use as an eye treatment on long-haul flights to refresh and soothe tired eyes. This would be equally as good to soothe eyes for all of us poor hay fever sufferers. The Eye Bright contains naturally active ingredients including alpine herbs, witch hazel, organic Aloe Vera and cornflower to help tone, cool and refresh tired, puffy eyes.

Liz Earle Eye Bright is available from and is priced at £9.50 for a 150ml bottle.

Have you tried Liz Earle Eye Bright? What are your favourite Liz Earle products?


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  1. This really intrigues me... I have a load of eye make up remover stuff, so I might have to use them up first :(

    thanks for the awesome review! :) xx


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